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German Chancellor Angela Merkel Visits Tongji Hospital

At 2:30 P.M. Sept.7th, German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Optical Valley Branch of Tongji Hospital (Wuhan Sino-French Friendship Hospital). Party Secretary Wu Jing, President Wang Wei of Tongji hospital, President Chen Anmin of Sino-German Medicine Society, German President Nagel and Chinese President Liu Jihong of Wuhan Sino-French Friendship Hospital welcomed German participation. S. E. Steffen Seibert, Germany State Secretary; S. E. Dr. Clemens von Goetze, German Ambassador to China; H.E. Mr. Wu Ken, Chinese Ambassador to Germany were present.

In the out-patient hall, Chancellor Merkel sent her greetings to the medical staff and had a group photo with the leaders of the hospital, representatives of senior leaders and experts, teachers and students’ representatives who once studied in Germany and German staff in Tongji in front of welcoming board.

Afterwards, Chancellor Merkel and the escorts walked by the hospital culture corridor to have a meeting with the medical staff and students representatives. The topics were about Chinese medical development and current situation, DRG paying mode, tiered diagnosis and treatment, children’s disease treatment, patients’ care environment, advanced medical technology application, medicine education and German medical student’s study and living life in Tongji. The participants held a communication with Chancellor Merkel in German. Tongji’s strong medical service left a deep impression to Chancellor Merkel and she expressed her wishes that the bilateral universities and medical institutions could strength the cooperation to establish a partnership relationship which German medical students were interested in before she left the hospital at 15:25 in the afternoon.

It is reported that this is Chancellor Merkel’s 12th visit to China while in office. This time remarked her first visit in Wuhan, mainly in education and medicine fields. In the morning, she visited Huazhong University of Science and Technology.
Nearly 120 years have passed before Tongji Hospital was founded by Mr. Erich Paulun, a German doctor, in Shanghai in 1900. TONGJI means people crossing the river in a small boat together- being united in concerted efforts to overcome difficulties. In 1907, Tongji German Medical School was established on the basis of Tongji hospital. In 1955, Tongji hospital moved to Wuhan according to the State Council’s new policy.
Over the past years, people’s healthcare has always been the top priority for the hospital. After nearly 120 years of construction and development, Tongji hospital has grown into an innovative modern hospital integrating medical care, teaching and research, providing better medical service to the society.
Currently, Tongji hospital has established cooperation relationships with German universities and medical institutions such as Charité–Universitäts Medizin Berlin, Medizinische Hochschule Hannover, Technische Universität München, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg and so on. The Children Medical Center of Tongji has been designed by German architect and medical collaboration with Pediatrics of Charité–Universitäts Medizin Berlin will also be made.
Since 1984, over 500 German medical students have studied and had internship in Tongji. While at the same time, various cooperation relationships have been established among doctors and researchers.