International Communications
Standing on the world stage, making a voice of Tongji Nursing

On June 27, the opening ceremony of International Nursing Congress 2019 was grandly held in the conference center of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. This international congress was hosted by the International Council of Nurses (ICN), and organized by the Singapore Nurses Association. Thousands of nurses representatives from more than one hundred of countries and regions gathered in Lion City. Focusing on the theme of "Beyond Healthcare to Health", representatives shared their research achievements and experience in achieving the goal of health for all via lecture, concurrent oral discussion and posters, and called for global nurses devoting themselves to the cause of health care and making a difference in the international medical system.

Wang hui, the director of the nursing department of Tongji Hospital, led a team of eight nurses participated the congress. Among them, four made oral presentations and the other four showed posters.

Wang ying, the deputy director of nursing department, gave an oral report on the topic of "Humanistic Care Practice for Oncology Patients", expounding the transformation of nursing in the development process of "biomedical model" to "person-centered model". Head nurse Jiangyan and Qin xiuli, as well as nurse He Mei shared their researches on "interdisciplinary nursing education", "patient safety" and "quality improvement of nursing care" respectively. Their excellent presentations exhibited the mien of Tongji nurses!





In the poster exhibition area, director Wang Hui and another three members Xi xinxue, Yang jianguo and Hu kaili, shared their latest researches and practical experience in the form of traditional poster and modern electronic poster, which revealled the development and current situation of Tongji nursing in the new era and reflected the important role played by Tongji nurses in health promotion.

In this international nursing academic event, Chinese nurses took an active part in sharing their researches and achievements. More than 2000 abstracts were submitted, including 121 oral presentations and hundreds of posters. The content is rich and novel, fully demonstrating the newest development and achievements of nursing in China. Via this congress, the world learned more about Chinese nursing. It also laid a good foundation for Chinese nurses to play a greater role in the global nursing field.