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New Year Message of 2019

Time Will Remember Our Perspiration And Smile

Time, a traveler full of energy, brings the first ray of sunshine in 2019 to us. Hereby, we would like to extend our best new year wishes to our staff, alumni home and abroad and our counterparts in the society.

Time witnesses the history. The year 2018 remarked the 40 anniversary of China’s reform and opening up. Great changes has happened in the world and China has gained achievements that the world has marveled at. In the development tides, Tongji has always been there.

She serves millions of patients with exquisite medical techniques and high-qualified service and protects those who ride the waves of our days.
She initiates the innovation in the economic administration system featuring whole cost accounting and performance management, making contributions of Tongji Experience to modern Chinese hospital management system reform.

After the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party in 1978, she pioneered to conduct the foreign medicine exchange and opened a Convenient Door to keep abreast with international advanced medicine. Over the past forty years, Tongji has established a frequent medicine exchange with Germany, winning a highly recognized and approval by bilateral governments. In Dec.2018, while meeting with heads of Chinese-German Medicine Society and Tongji hospital, President Steinmeier put forward his expectation to make Tongji Hospital a benchmarking of bilateral exchange relationship.

She strictly carried out the policy and methods related to national medicine and healthcare system reform and public hospital comprehensive reform. She vigorously carried on the hospital entrusted management, counterpart assistance project, medical poverty relief program and hierarchical medical system. All these behaviors have made great contributions to China’s public hospital comprehensive reform and been appraised as Tongji-Xianning Mode by National Health Commission and Hubei provincial government.

As the leading organization of medical treatment system for public health emergencies in Hubei, she devoted herself to flood-fighting and emergency rescues, fighting against SARS, earthquake relief and rescue and fighting against bird flu and HFMD, making her own Tongji Contributions to win these battles.

In the past forty years, the service capacity has been greatly improved. Two new hospital campuses in Optical Valley and Sino-French New City have been launched, forming a comprehensive development pattern to provide better medical service to patients in and out of Hubei province.

In the past forty years, she always adheres to people’s healthcare-centered, patients-oriented and socialist public benefit to create Tongji’s legend and glory in curing patients, emergencies rescues and fighting against infectious disease.

For those who witnessed the changes through the reform and opening up, they have already seen Tongji people busy with patients through every corner in our country, Tongji medical breakthrough in authoritative media and patients’ trust and respect to Tongji hospital. All these are the most beautiful scene left by Tongji hospital in the past forty years.

Time is a recorder.
In the past year, we have made great progress in medical service capacity and improvements in medical, teaching, S&R, management and so on. The hospital comprehensive capacity rose to the 8th in the Best Hospital Ranking (Fudan Edition),ranking the 1st in Central China. The new S&R building has been put into use and the new Internal Medicine building will be used. Optical Valley Tongji Children’s Hospital has been laid a foundation. These infrastructures have improved the hospital development and service. Besides, we have established a forward looking cooperation with United Imaging Healthcare, China Mobile, Chinese Academy of Sciences and so on in fields of AI, IE Plus, 5G Experiment Lab to lay a solid foundation of scientific innovation. All these will be a full preparation for providing better medical service to the patients and referential development experience to our counterparts to make accessible to the world class hospital.

Time is a designer. Inspired by the reform and opening up policy, we convened the 9th Tongji Hospital Congress of the Communist Party of China, drawing a new hospital blueprint for future development and making a Three-Step Strategy to make it come true. Chairman Mao once said, matter can be transformed into spirit and vice versa.

The reform and development in the past forty years have laid a strong foundation for management, talents training, technology and infrastructure development.

Great visions can be realized only through actions. President Xi has pointed out that great dream waits for nobody but hard-working. In the coming new year, we will strive for Chinese Dream and Tongji Dream along with a new round of reform and opening up path. We will implement the Five Principles of Managing the Hospital, stick to the high-qualified development, improve internal construction capacity to build a scientific, humanist, open, innovative, happy and beautiful Tongji hospital. Patients will always be the top priority and we will try our best to relieve their pain.

Time is the warmest companion. In 2019, accompanied by the time, we will strive forward to create our glory and time will witness our perspiration and smile.