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America City of Hope National Medical Center Delegation Visited Tongji Hospital

On May 15th, 2017, America City of Hope National Medical Center delegation visited Tongji hospital. The delegation was consisted of four members led by deputy director David Horne and vice president Ed McCarthy. President XU Yongjian, vice president WU Hua of Tongji hospital, Dean ZHOU Jianfeng of Haematology Department and dean WANG Pu of International Affairs Office attended the reception.

Firstly, President Xu Yongjian extended his welcome to the delegation and gave an introduction of Tongji to the foreign guests. Mr. David Horne, deputy director of City of Hope National Medical Center gave highly praise of Tongji hospital development and the long-term friendship and cooperation with Tongji. The International Medical Center of City of Hope National Medical Center was just made to promote the international medical cooperation and development. Deputy Director Ed McCarthy later put forward a cooperation Framework and some suggestions on bilateral cooperation to establish a comprehensive cooperation with Tongji hospital in distance medicine, discipline construction, scientific research. The counterparts also expressed their willingness for further cooperation.

In the end, the bilateral parties signed a MoU, marking a new step for bilateral cooperation.

In the afternoon, the delegation visited Sino-French New City campus of Tongji hospital and Oncology Department in the campus.