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Delegation of Mayo Clinic Visited Tongji Hospital

On April 22nd, 2017, Dr. Kent Seltman, Marketing Division Chair Emeritus of Mayo Clinic and Ms. Kristi Peterson, the advocator and expert of American Patient Experience from Expova, Inc, Chicago visited Tongji hospital and attended the Symposium on Fostering International Healthcare Service. In the morning, the welcome meeting was held on the 9TH Floor of Administrative Building. Prof. CHEN Anmin, Standing Committee Member of CPC Huazhong University of Science and Technology and former president of Tongji hospital, Ms. WU Jing, Chairman of Hospital Board, Prof. XU Yongjian, president of hospital and Prof. WU Hua, and vice president of hospital as well as some medical representatives who have ever extended exchanges in Mayo Clinic also attended the reception.

With over 20-year experience on hospital management in Mayo Clinic, Dr. Kent Seltman is a worldwide well-known top hospital consultation and management expert who has published more than 400,000 copies of Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic around the world. Ms. Kristi Peterson, partner with more than 500 corporate entities, academic medical centers, community hospitals, physician practices and member associations, is awarded as one of the best experienced in patient experience in medical industry.

The welcome meeting was moderated by vice President WU Hua who extended his welcome to the foreign guests on behalf of the hospital. President XU Yongjian gave an introduction on Tongji hospital to the guests before Dr. Seltman shared his opinions on working in Mayo Clinic and the ideas on writing the book of Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic, some unique and special Mayo elements such as welfare system, teamwork spirit and patient-oriented culture. He also extended a brief introduction on Mayo’s century-history development from a town in Rochester into a well-known international integrated multi-discipline medical center combined by medicine, education, science and technology. The bilateral parties extended a warm discussion which could be learnt in aspect of international perspective on building top-class international hospital for Tongji hospital.

In the afternoon, Dr. Kent and Ms. Peterson gave speeches respectively in the symposium with the titles of Needs of the Patient Come First and Patient Experience in the meeting room to over 300 hospital management participants from in and out of Hubei Province.