International Communications
The First Overseas Young Scholars Forum of Tongji Hospital Held

On Aug. 6 and 7, the first overseas young scholars forum of Tongji hospital was held, attracting 56 young scholars around the world in the fields of cancer treatment, stem cells, gene, nanometer technology. It is said that these young scholars who are all equipped with doctor’s degree are having both Chinese and foreign medicine background and their research results have already been published on top-class international medicine journals. 20 scholars made speeches in the forum on Oncology, Radiology and Neurology, Fundamental Research and clinical research. For example, Ms. Linghua WANG from Human Genome Sequencing Center, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics, Baylor College of Medicine delivered a speech on genome sequencing and Mr. Fei LIU from Department of Radiology, Canary Center at Stanford for Cancer Early Detection gave a speech on cancer early detection chip technology. Over 700 Tongji clinical, S&R staff and students attended the forum.

Mrs. WU Jing, chairman of hospital board hosted the forum and she said that young Chinese scholars were the future of our medicine and the forum was providing a platform for medical technology exchanges and also an important strategy for creating top class international hospital.

Prof. XU Yongjian, president of Tongji hospital delivered a speech and made an introduction of hospital in aspects of hospital history, hospital scale volume, personnel, medical, S&R, teaching, international communication, hospital management, social reputation, the construction of Optical Valley branch, Sino-French Village branch, S&R building, expert community and so on.

Prof. CHEN Anmin, former president of Tongji hospital extended a speech with the title of Tongji Fertile Soil Nurturing Talents. He borrowed our former scientists and Tongji professors experience as the example to encourage more overseas young scholars to devote their efforts to our country. He said that Huazhong University of Science and Technology is the university who loves talents and Tongji hospital is the one who cherishes talents. The overseas young scholars can work full-time in Tongji or stay in foreign countries to cooperate with Tongji experts. So there is a good platform and nice environment for overseas young scholars to work and live here. Our country also needs youth to make further progress.

Academician CHEN Xiaoping also gave a speech on Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery to encourage more youth to come back and make contribution to our country.

On Aug. 7th, after the visiting to Tongji hospital Optical Valley branch, Sino-French Village branch, the young scholars attended 21 parallel sessions held in Cardiology Department, Biliary-Pancreatic Department, Pediatrics, and Radiology and so on respectively to extend a further and deeper discussion with their counterparts.

After the forum, many scholars expressed the lectures were excellent and they were interested in Tongji and willing to have a further cooperation with the hospital. The two-day forum was held successfully.