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Minister Hermann Gröhe Appointed as Honorary Advisor of Tongji Hospital

On June 14th, Mr. Hermann Gröhe, minister of German Federal Ministry of Health visited Tongji hospital and was appointed as the honorary advisor of Tongji. The minister was accompanied by 7 officials of Ministry of Health, 9 DCGM members including President Christian Ohrloff and vice-president Eckhard Nagel and 3 experts from Virus Research Institute of University of Essen. Academician DING Lieyun, president of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Mr. ZHANG Jin, chairman of Health and Family Planning Commission of Hubei Province, Prof. CHEN Anmin, president of CDGM and member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Huazhong University of Science and Technology and over 500 Tongji staff attended the appointment ceremony which was hosted by Mrs. WU Jing, chairman of Management Committee of Tongji hospital.

Prof. XU Yongjian, president of Tongji hospital extended the welcome remarks and gave a brief introduction of Tongji hospital and Sino-German Friendship Hospital and offered the letter of appointment to Minister Gröhe after Chairman Wu introduced his CV to the audience.

In his remarks, Minister Gröhe expressed his gratitude for the appointment of honorary advisor and invitation to visiting Tongji. On behalf of Ministry of Health, he extended his thanks to CDGM-DCGM in promoting Sino-German health cooperation for their efforts and contribution. Since the foundation of Tongji hospital in Shanghai by German doctor Erich Paulun, he said we had embarked on the road of pushing Sino-German medical communication. Tongji is an important link bridge. There is a huge potential for hospital cooperation between two countries. The foundation of Sino-German Friendship Hospital is a great symbol of further cooperation.

Mr. ZHANG Jin, chairman of Health and Family Planning Commission of Hubei Province extended his remarks in the ceremony. On behalf of the health departments in Hubei, he expressed his congratulations to Minister Gröhe on appointment of honorary advisor of Tongji hospital and his warmest welcome to all the German guests. He said we had already established deep cooperation with German medical health departments and could conduct more exchanges in sharing the experience in health care reform and development. As an outstanding representative of Hubei medical organizations, Tongji hospital has always keeping a long and deep communication with German counterparts. In 2012, Tongji obtained the KTQ certification, showing the closer relationship with German advanced health quality and safety management system. With the support of Minister Gröhe, Hubei will launch a broader friendship bridge with Germany and Sino-German communication will step into a higher stage.

Last but not least, Academician DING Lieyun, president of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) made a speech. He said Minister Gröhe’s appointment of honorary advisor of Tongji hospital marked an important step in communication between HUST and Germany. On behalf of HUST, he extended his heartfelt gratitude to German guests for their support and help. This year is the beginning of the Thirteenth-Five Development Plan for China. The building of a moderately prosperous society needs the support from health care development. German medicine science and hospital management is famous in the world and Tongji hospital has a long history relationship with Germany. Therefore, it is an opportunity for establishing a broader stage of bilateral cooperation. He hopes Tongji could seize the time to strength the cooperation and make more contribution for medicine development.

Before the ceremony, Minister Gröhe wreathed for the statue of Dr. Erich Paulun and visited out-patient building and Orthopedics department.