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New Year Message of 2016

Pioneering in the Third Undertaking Period 
By Chairman of Hospital Board WU Jing and President Xu Yongjian

Dear all, the best scenery of a year lies on this season ahead. On the coming of a new year, on behalf of the hospital, we would like to extend our best wishes for our colleagues and heartfelt gratitude to those who gave us great help in the past year.

In 2015, under the leadership of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, with the efforts of all our employees and the support from the society, we carried out the quality strategy step by step and led the new normal policy to promote the innovation and development so as to realize the goal of being a top-class hospital in the world.

In the past year, we have made some joyful achievements.
Initiating a good start in the third undertaking. The groundbreaking ceremony of Optics Valley Branch marked the beginning of the third undertaking. It only took 27 months to finish the construction, creating a optical valley speed in Optical Valley area. Covering the area of 250 mu (16.7 hectares), there will be two phases project constructions for this branch with 3000 beds and 5000 outpatient visits expected. The first phase was opened on Nov. 28,2015 with the coverage of 184,000 square meters, 1000 beds and 3000 outpatient visits. The hospital building was designed by a German architect to optimize the treatment process. A 180-meter south-to-north sunshine corridor connects the outpatients building, medical technology building and inpatients building to form a efficient and convenient medical space, representing the designing ideal of modernization, informationzation and humanization and highlighting the modern hospital architecture development trend where patients can receive a convenient, efficient and comfortable medical treatment. For the past months, the top designing, good environment, skillful management, excellent equipment and medical service in Optics Valley Branch has gained highly reputation from the patients.

Gaining great result in academician project. Professor Chen Xiaoping was elected as the academician of Chinese Academy of Science. Prof. Chen is the director of Surgery Division and dean of Hepatic Surgery in Tongji Hospital. He is also the president of the Asian-Pacific Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Assocation (A-PHPBA) and a leading innovator in surgery of the liver, pancreas and biliary system. Up to now, he is the only medical academician in Hubei Province, giving the impetus to the medicine  development in Hubei area.

Yielding great results in medical service. The number of outpatient and emergency visits amounted to about 5 million, inpatients 200,000 and 80,000 surgery operations, continuing to provide better medical service to more patients.

Highlighting in scientific and research. For the fourth consecutive year, the number of funds from Natural Science Foundation of China broke through 100, achieving 142 in 2015, ranking the second among all the national medical organizations. From 2005 to 2014, the citation number of our SCI papers also reached second in China. Professor MA Ding was awarded the prize from Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation.

Playing an active role in international exchanges activity. On the occasion of 60th anniversary relocation from Shanghai to Wuhan, the first Tongji International Medical Science Summit was held with over 100 foreign participants and nearly 400 domestic hospital presidents. The participants gave a highly phrase to our hospital development and extended their willing for further cooperation.

Regaining the top prize in hospital management. The project of The Construction of an Accurate, Informationized and Systematic Medical Quality and Security System won the first prize of Scientific Innovative prize for the second time, providing Tongji Experience of medical quality and security management for domestic hospitals.

Winning reputation among China. For the fourth consecutive year, we are elected as one of the best ten hospitals in China. The comprehensive strength has always been top in China and the first in Central China.

Gaining harvest in moral and ethics building. For the fourth consecutive year, we are awarded as the Best Morality Organization in China. In the past year, some excellent colleagues won The Third Qiu Fazu Medical Ethnics Award and The First Tongji Nightingale Award, setting good examples for all the staff.

A Chinese saying goes, “modesty yields gains and arrogance brings loss”. We should be pride of what we have already gained and still keep modesty to carry out the target of becoming one of the top class international hospitals step by step.

The first undertaking occurred when the hospital was founded in Shanghai in 1900 with only 20 beds. In an era when modern medicine was barely known, Tongji developed from small to big and never stepped back despite wars and complicated changes of the vicissitudes. Before it was relocated to Wuhan in 1955, it had already grown into a famous German-style western medicine hospital in Shanghai and served as a cradle for nurturing Chinese doctors of modern medicine. This is the first undertaking. In 1955, Tongji Hospital decided to move to Wuhan in accordance with the national development policy, which marked the beginning of the second undertaking. The 60 years ahead witnessed the its difficult sustained during relocation and the cultural revolution as well as the leaps and bounds driven by China’s reform and opening up and its taking off after mergence with to Huazhong University of Science and Technology, . It played a 4-fold role-as role of a center, a model, a radiant, and a guide of medical service. Today, Tongji has already become a top medical institution in China and enjoys a high reputation worldwide. This year ahead of 2016 is the beginning of the Thirteenth-Five-Year plan. While Chinese medical and health care reform system has entered the most critical stage, Tongji Hospital has embarked on the third undertaking with the characteristics of becoming “a giant hospital with world reputation”. Since 2000, all the Tongji employees have been working hard to achieve the blueprint goal of growing to be international top-class by 2020.

Discipline construction and personnel training will be enhanced to cultivate more talents. Medical technology innovation will be improved to launch more advanced original technology. Hospital Management will be strengthened by the utility of more advanced information technology to improve our integrated management and equally superb service system among the main hospital area and two hospital branches. We will continue to maintain the medical quality and patients safety management and improve our medical service quality according to KTQ standards. In the year ahead, we will pay attention on the infrastructure construction of Optics Valley Branch in Optical Valley area, Sino-French Village Branch in Caidian area and Internal Medicine Building in main hospital area. In addition to that, we will steadily improve the employees’ welfare to create a better living condition.

For all colleagues, we are a connecting generation between the preceding and the following. Therefore, we must worked harder and devote more on the third undertaking to make more contribution on the realization of becoming the top-class international hospital.