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Tongji Hospital Passed KTQ Recertification

On Oct. 8th, Tongji Hospital passed the recertification of Kooperation für Transparenz und Qualität im Gesundheitswesen (KTQ). The Rehabilitation Department passed the KTQ certification, becoming the first dependent department passed in Asia.

In the final feedback conference, Mrs. Dannenmaier, CEO of KTQ, Mr. Ji Peng, CEO assistant, Ms. Rehlein, Dr. Herrmann, Dr. Josef and Dr. Rollnik, the surveyors of KTQ, Prof. Xu Jiongjian, president of Tongji hospital, Mrs. Wu, chairman of hospital board, vice presidents and representatives of the hospital attended the conference.

President. Xu gave an introduction of the implementation of six KTQ core ideas and PDCA mode after 2012, when Tongji, as the first Asia hospital, passed the KTQ certification. Providing the best medical service to the patients has always been the top priority for us, therefore, we always pay attention to the improvement and innovation in management. In the past three years, according to the appraisal results in 2012, we have made great progress in medical, teaching, S&T, administration and logistics, continuing the reputation of one of the Best Hospital in China.

Mrs. Dannenmaier later introduced the survey process this time. The experts has spent 13 days in 35 departments and held 5 conversations. Dr. Rollnik introduced the 2-day survey in Rehabilitation Department. At last, Ms. Rehlein announced the passing of the KTQ recertification for Tongji.

At last, Chairman Wu gave the conclusion speech. She expressed her thanks to KTQ experts for their hard working in the past two weeks and Tongji staff for their cooperation. And she said quality system building would not be built in one day. Therefore, we should continue the PDCA process in our routine work to improve the hospital development so as to provide better service to the society.