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New Year Message of 2015 by Chairman of Hospital Board CHEN Anmin and President Xu Yongjian


A new spring is landing quietly on Tongji hospital. On this occasion of ringing out the old and ringing in the new, we are delighted to extend our best New Year wishes to the whole home and abroad Chinese and also express our heartfelt gratitude to those who show their concern and care for our hospital.

In 2014, we carried out the implementation of the spirit of 18th of the National People’s Congress and the 4th Plenary Session of the 18th congress. We were advancing with the times and forging ahead to put effort into the precise management and to build the upgrading of Tongji quality and brand.

The medical work has been achieved splendor. With over 70,000 operations, there were more than 4,1 million outpatients and 170,000 inpatients have been received in 2014, providing the best medical service to those who were in the injury mentally and physically.

Science and research has continued to be renowned in China. According to the statistics from Ministry of Science and Technology, the sum of citation of SCI papers of our hospital from 2004 to 2013 has been listed as the 2nd among all China’s medical organizations. In 2014, there were totally 123 awards from Natural Science Foundation of China, ranking the 2nd nationwide. Up till now, we have received over 100 NSFC awards for the consecutive 3 years, listing one of the only two in China.

Great progress has been made in discipline development. The Obstetrics and Gynecology Department has been indentified as the Clinical Medical Research Center of Obstetrics and Gynecology Diseases of China, making the pioneering in Hubei.

Medical skill has been extraordinary. The kidney transplantation operation has successfully been made on a two-month old baby; the correction operation of congenital transposition of the great arteries for a baby who was only 20-hour after birth has also been effectively completed; Tongji has been reported by Xinhua News Agency as the one who discovered neurofilament injury may be the main reason for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS); the first nationwide corneal composition transplantation has been successful…

Tongji quality and brand has been upgrading. In the ranking of the best hospitals in 2013 released by Fudan, we are ranking the 8th in China.

God rewards the diligent. With more medical tasks, the diligent and intelligent Tongji staff devoted their energy and time to create a fruitful 2014. It represents the confidence of Tongji staff, the group cohesiveness of Tongji culture and also contains our service ideology of patients-oriented and our core value of studying the physical world for thorough understanding and pulling together like people crossing the river in a small boat.

The year of 2015 is a key for us to build our 711-carrier project, which is 7000 hospital beds, 10,000 staff and 10 billion income. The headquarters of Tongji will continue as the main driving force while at the same time, our two new branches, the Guanggu branch and Caidian branch will embark on the journey successively. The three bases are standing on the three towns of Wuhan respectively, like a triangle, radiating the Tongji brand in the Central China. They are also like three giant shadowless surgical lamps, guarding the people loyally. The new Tongji development structure signifies higher standard, bigger responsibility and stronger consciousness to leading the current medical trend and providing best medical service for the people.

In 2015, we will keep on the internal development to improve the management reform, especially the operation mechanism of unification, coordination and good order of the three hospital bases. We will seek a new way to form a more effective management mechanism of medical, teaching, and S&R and improve the welfare of our staff. We will recommend more excellent people to supply the two branches with the talent teams. We will also adopt powerful methods to promote the discipline development to create the top discipline group in China.

An old Chinese saying goes like there must be a time for me to be thrown into the strong wind and rapids while at that moment, I will stick on fulfilling my dream by hanging up the sails into the cloud to finally see the ocean. The new age is coming with warm spring breeze and it is the very time for us to set sail from here. Let’s work harder to push the Tongji carrier forward and to make more contribution for the building of the international top-class hospital and for the health and peace of the mankind.