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Sino-Swiss Heart-Lung Transplantation Institute Founded in Tongji Hospital

On Nov. 15th, Sino-Swiss Heart-Lung Transplantation Institute was inaugurated by Tongji hospital and Central Hospital of the University of Lausanne. Professor Chen Anmin, president of Tongji hospital and Professor Hans-Beat Ris, director of department of Thoracic and Vascular Surgery, Central Hospital of the University of Lausanne, Switzerland attended the ceremony. Prof. Wei Xiang, director of department of  Cardiovascular Surgery in Tongji and Prof. Ris hold the posts of bilateral presidents of the institute respectively.

Remarkable achievements have been made on the heart-lung transplantation by Tongji in the recent years with over 110 cases of heart transplantation surgery having been done, ranking the top 3 in China. Besides, we have conducted 6 cases of double-lung transplantation including the first case of combination of double-lung and liver transplantation in Asia. However, there is still a long way comparing with the top of the world. Therefore, in order to improve the heart-lung transplantation level, increase the survival rates of the post-transplantation patients and establish a stable and cutting-edge research in basic research field of heart-lung transplantation, Tongji has established frequent international cooperation with top heart-lung transplantation centers of Central Hospital of the University of Lausanne, Methodist Medical Center of Cornell University and so on.

The heart-lung transplantation center of Central Hospital of the University of Lausanne is famous in Europe with 20-30 cases of heart transplantation and over 30 lung transplantation annually. Besides, they pioneered the EVLP and clinical research in Europe. For the past years, Central Hospital of the University of Lausanne has trained several medical talents from Tongji, providing great help on clinical and science and research of heart-lung transplantation. Therefore, the establishment of Sino-Swiss heart-lung institute will further strength the cooperation and broaden the influence of heart-lung transplantation.

After the ceremony, the International High-Peak Forum of Heart-Lung Transplantation of Tongji Hospital was followed with over hundreds of expert participants. The experts spoke highly of the achievements on heart-lung transplantation and held deep discussion on the related medical issue.