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The 27th Annual Meeting of Chinese-German and German-Chinese Society of Medicine

On 24th of October the yearly conference between Chinese-German and German-Chinese Society of Medicine took place in Beijing for the 27th time. This year the societies celebrated their 30th anniversary of successful collaboration.

The Chinese-German Society of Medicine (CDGM) was founded by Prof. Qiu Fazu (a well-known surgeon and academician of Tongji Hospital) in the year 1984. Since then, both societies are sharing their experiences in the development of the health care systems in China and Germany.

On a yearly basis the societies are gathering together to exchange ideas and discuss the future. This year’s topics were the current situation of their countries’ health care system as well as their future prospects of development. Hospital Management and challenges of an ageing population were discussed and analysed as well. Prof. Chen Anmin (President of the CDGM) and Prof. Ohrloff (President of DCGM) were glad to welcome high-ranking officials from both their countries.

The 30th anniversary was celebrated with an official gala dinner, during which Chinese and Germans shared their culture and enjoyed each others company.

The two societies are looking forward to a bright future of cooperation and exchange in order to understand and improve the health care system in China and Germany.