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Remote Video Conferencing on Medical Consultation Between Doctors in Tongji Hospital and Methodis Hospital of America

What kind of medical complication will happen after lung transplantation? Which one should be put into priority while both lung and liver need transplanted? In the evening on July 3rd, a remote video conference was held on the discussion of two patients’ condition between doctors in cardiovascular surgery departments of Tongji Hospital and Methodis Hospital of Cornell University.

In this week, the doctors had operations on two critically ill patients with one needing both lungs transplantation while the other needing lung and liver transplantation at the same time. Since these two kinds of transplantation are rare and difficult to tackle with, the doctors in Tongji held a remote video conference with doctors in Methodis hospital of Cornell to discuss the operations and medical complication.

It was at 8 am in America time and our American counterparts put the remote video conference as the first agenda. By remote video system, Dr. Cai CHEN, from Cardiovascular department, demonstrated the medical examination of the patients and the whole operation process to American doctors. After the operation, the bilateral parties spent one hour on the discussion of the medical condition. “There are only 40 cases of lung and liver transplantation at the same time in America. We ourselves even haven’t done that operation now. The communication is a great significance to us,” the doctors from Methodis said.

According to information, Tongji has already conducted dozens of remote video conferences on medical consultation with over 20 hospitals in China while this was the first time with the foreign hospital. Currently, the hospital is also contacting with the top hospitals in Switzerland and Germany and we hope to invite more excellent doctors to Wuhan by the frequent communication of remote video conference on medical consultation.