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Vice-President of Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais Visited Tongji Hospital

On Nov. 10th, 2013, Professor Rocksane de Carvalho Norton, vice-President of Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil and the Chinese President of Confucius Institute in UFMG visited Tongji Hospital. Vice-President Hua WU and Professor Xiaoping LUO, dean of Pediatrics Department received the guests warmly.

Vice-President Wu firstly gave a detailed introduction of Tongji to the guests. Vice-President Norton extended her gratitude and expressed her wishes to conduct the further cooperation and exchange in the fields of culture, teaching, science and reform as well as the medical aspect

As a public university of Minas Gerais State and also the largest public university in Brazil, UFMG ranks top 5 in Brazil and the 10th in Latin America. With 50,000 students at the university, it consists of 75 bachelor majors such as medicine, law, economics, mechanics, art and so on, 57 doctoral programs, 66 master programs and 38 medicine internship programs.

There are 10 different research institutes in the medical school making research in more than 100 fields. With 60% of the faculty master degree or higher, the university can give master degrees in 7 majors-infectious diseases, parasitic disease, oncology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology and endocrinology.

There is 82 staff in the Nursing College, most of whom having master degrees. The nurses participate in the nursing education, infectious disease prevention, nursing care for the aged and so on in the hospital routine work, public health system and science and research.
The Oral Medical College consists of over 100 staff members, of whom 20% having master degrees. They are devoted themselves not only in the clinical work but also the science and reform including the dental biological care, mouth trauma, oral diseases and oral caring.

The Pharmacy College is made up with four different departments. 35% of the 70 staff members in the college have doctorate degrees conducting the research in the development of the new medicine, phytochemistry and so on.



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