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Delegation of Bordeaux Segalen University Visited Tongji Hospital

On Nov.6th,2013, Professor Vincent Dousset,the vice-President of External Relations, University Victor Segalen, Bordeaux and Director UMS CNRS 3428 Bio-Imaging Institute of Bordeaux, Professor Francois Sztark, Head of the International Office, University Bordeaux Segalen and Head and Chairman of Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, University Hospital of Bordeaux, Ms. ZHU Hanfang, Senator of Aquitaine Area visited Tongji hospital, accompanied by Mr. Eric Molay from Education Section and Mr. Marc Bondiou from Technology Section of French Consulate to Wuhan. Vice-president Hua WU, Professor Yuke TIAN from Department of Anesthesiology and Professor Daoyu HU from Department of Radiology received the foreign guests.

Firstly, vice-President Wu extended our warmest welcome and gave an introduction of Tongji to the guests. In addition to that, the bilateral parties held a deep discussion on the implementation of strategic cooperation agreement signed with Bordeaux University in 2011.

Later, Professor Dousset expressed his thanks for the hospitality of Tongji and later, together with Professor Sztark, introduced the recent development of Bordeaux University and University Hospital. Afterwards, further cooperation was discussed by the bilateral parties.

After the reception, the guests visited the Department of Radiology, Department of Anesthesiology, and Operation Room and so on, speaking highly of the rapid development of the hospital.

As one of the most important hospitals in France, University Hospital of Bordeaux consists of three branches with a total number of over 13,000 employees. In 2009, with the number of out-patient reaching 458,000,the in-patient 124,000 and about 500 organ transplantation operations, the hospital ranked 4th and was assigned as the center for treating critical cases in France. There are 24 clinical departments and enjoys an advantage of clinical, S&R and pharmacy research.