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Professor Donald Wells Pfaff of Rockefeller University Visited Tongji Hospital

On Sept. 9th, 2013, Professor Donald Wells Pfaff of Rockefeller University visited Tongji Hospital and extended a wonderful speech here.

Prof. Pfaff is member of National Academy of Sciences and fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences. In 2010, he was awarded IPSEN Foundation Prize in Neural Plasticity and Lehrman Memorial Prize, Soc. Behav. Neuroendocrinology in 2011. Prof. Pfaff was nominated NIH Director’s  Pioneer Awards in 2004 and 2005. He participates in 16 researches of NIH and NSF and holds the post of chief editor of 22 international famous journals and published 27 works. Up till now, Prof. Pfaff has published over 910 papers with the highest IF reaching 32.4.

On the morning of Sept,9th, the awarding ceremony of the Honorary Professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology was held in Tongji Hospital. Firstly, vice-President Hua WU made a brief introduction of Tongji Hospital to Prof. Pfaff and won Prof. Pfaff’s high compliments. Later, President Peigen LI awarded the Letter of Appointment to him. Prof. Anmin CHEN, President of Tongji Hospital, Professor Shixuan WANG, director of Gynecology and Prof. Zhengxiang LIU from Cardiology Department took part in the ceremony. On the afternoon, with the theme of The Brainstem’s Regulation of Arousal at all Levels of the Body, Prof. Pfaff gave an academic speech in the lecture hall on the 18th floor, attracting over 200 staff and students audiences.

Prof. Pfaff is the first fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences and member of National Academy of Sciences in China’s medical field. He has been devoting his energy in neuroendocrinology and behavioral neurobiology and wins a high reputation in the world. In 2012, he cooperated with Prof. Zhengxiang LIU and Prof. Shixuan WANG to conduct a project of Application of Ovarian Aging Key Genes in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of the Female Cardiovascular Diseases, gaining the granting of 3 million RMB from International Scientific Cooperation Project of Ministry of Science and Technology, China.

During his stay, Prof. Pfaff visited The Key Laboratory of Cancer Invasion and Metastasis of the Ministry of Education, China and highly appreciated the equipments and science and  research achievements in the Lab. He also expressed his strong interests in Prof. Wang’s science and research team and his ovarian aging research. While the communication in the lab, Prof. Pfaff offered some useful proposals and extended his cooperation wishes with Tongji Hospital.





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