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Summer School 2013–Rescue and Emergency Medicine–VR China Held in Tongji

On July 8th, the Summer School 2013–Rescue and Emergency Medicine–VR China, held by Trauma Branch of Chinese Medical Association, Sino-German Medicine Society, German Disaster Medicine Society, Sino-German Disaster Medicine Institute, Charité University in Germay and Tongji Hospital was officially opened in Tongji Hospital, Wuhan, China.

All the teachers were German, consisting of the experts from Charité University, scholars from Sino-German Disaster Medicine Institute and Sino-German sister schools. With the teaching language English, the class aims at emergency medicine and trauma rescue, providing a systematical interdisciplinary training for domestic medical staff.

During the ten days class, German experts introduced German first-aid treatment and emergency medical system, the theory and practice of individual emergency rescue, life support after trauma, on-spot emergency rescue, advanced technology of emergency rescue field and so on. Over 50 students from hospitals in Hubei, Jiangsu, An’hui, Yunnan, etc.. A variety of teaching methods such as group discussion, animal model practice course arouse the interests of the students.

After the final test, Vice-president WU Hua chaired the closing ceremony and President CHEN Anmin of Tongji Hospital showed up in the class. The bilateral experts gave the speeches to all the audience in terms of Sino-German emergency medicine and emergency rescue system and features.



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The closing ceremony