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Letter of Intent Signed by Tongji Hospital and KTQ Quality Authentication Committee

On April 15th,2013, the Letter of Intent signing ceremony by Tongji Hospital and KTQ Quality Authentication Committee was held in Tongji Hospital.

The cooperation between Tongji Hospital and KTQ was originated in 2010, and in the following years, Tongji has improved a lot in accordance with KTQ’s six core theories to promote Tongji’s quality and security system construction. On Dec.12,2012, Tongji has passed the testing and got the certificate from KTQ company to become the first KTQ authentication hospital in Asia.

With the deepening reform of China’s medicine and health system as well as Chinese public hospitals, we are required to build up a scientific and adequate “quality and security system”. Therefore, the Letter of Intent by Tongji and KTQ committee is of great pragmatic significance. In addition to that, the approving of KTQ authentication also set a good practical example for the counterparts in China.

The Letter of Intent was signed by Dr. CHEN Anmin, President of Tongji Hospital and Mrs. Gesine Dannenmaier, CEO of KTQ committee. The signing was also witnessed by Mrs. Angelika Köster, official of International Affairs from German Ministry of Health, Dr. Bernd Johannes Metzinger, President of German Hospital Association. Dr. Thomas Meißner, German Nursing Association, Mrs. Marie-Luise Müller, Honorary President of German Nursing Association and member of the Standing Committee of German-Sino Nursing Association, Mr. Markus Fehr, Vice-President of German-Sino Health Organization and Inspector HUANG Yunhu from Hubei Ministry of Health Bureau. Besides, there were over 100 representatives from hospitals in China attending the ceremony.

After the ceremony, both sides held a discussion about outpatient service standard management and German hospital quality assessment.