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Professors from Medical College of Ulm University visited Tongji Hospital

On the invitation of President Chen Anmin and vice-president Wang Wei, President Thomas Wirth and other four professors from Ulm University visited Tongji Hospital on March 21st. President Chen Anmin, vice-president Wang Wei and vice-president Wu Hua received the guests and two parties held a talk in strengthening scientific research cooperation.

These five outstanding professors from Ulm University are: Professor Thomas Wirth, President of Medical College and Dean of Physical Chemistry Department; Professor Frank Kirchhoff, Dean of Molecular Virology Department; Professor Christian Kubisch, Dean of Human Genetics Department; Professor Bernhard Landwehrmeyer, Dean of Neurology Department and Director Dieter Brockmann of Scientific Research Department of Medical College of Ulm University. The visit will increase the mutual understanding and lay a solid foundation of a comprehensive cooperation of bilateral strong fields such as departments of Translational Medicine, Neurology, Communicable Disease, Cancer and so on to jointly apply for major scientific programs.

On the afternoon, the academic exchange conference was held on the 24th floor of Surgery Building. President Chen extended a welcome speech. Four German professors held the speech concerning Translational Medicine, Traumatic Orthopedics, Virology and Neurology. Director Zhu Wenzhen of Scientific Research Department of Tongji Hospital, Professor Wang Daowen, Dean of Cardiology Department, Professor Wang Congyi, Dean of Biomedical Research Center, Professor Bu Bitao of Neurology Department also made speeches concerning about the development in their research fields.

Great cooperation relationship has been established between Medical College of Ulm University and Tongji Hospital for a long time. Many doctors from our hospital once worked or studied in Ulm University before. Doctor Guan Hanfeng from Orthopedic Department is Professor Thomas Wirth’s post-graduate and he has published one paper with the Impact Factor of 6.3 as the first author in The Journal of Pathology.

Welcoming Speech by President Chen


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