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The First Asian Hospital to Get the Certificate from KTQ

On December 10th, 2012, Tongji Hospital successfully got the certificate from Cooperation for Transparency and Quality in Health (Hereinafter only KTQ), becoming the first Asian Hospital to receive the honor.

Over 700 Tongji staff and guests participated in the authentication feedback conference including KTQ Jury experts, Ms. Dannenmaier, CEO of KTQ Company, Doctor Herrmann, the medical expert, Ms. Rehlein, the nursing expert, Ms. Cabrera-Fugardo, the financial expert and Mr. Hongbo ZHU, Director of Hospital Management from Health Department of Hubei Province as well as the leaders of Tongji Hospital.

During the past 13 days of examination and judgment in terms of hospital management, medical healthcare and nursing, the experts have been impressed by the innovative modern hospital management, top medical quality and patient-oriented hospital culture. The assessments of authentication are what as follows:

Medical management innovations represented by Patient-Oriented operation system and 42 discipline medical practice guidelines guarantee the medical quality and safety of the patients; Human resources-oriented performance management and core human resource value cultivate excellent staff to promote the sustainable development of hospital; direct communication system between doctors and patients as well as convenient medical procedures put human service always the priority.

German Cooperation for Transparency and Quality in Health Committee, which consists of representatives from Health Insurance, Medical, Hospital, Nursing and Physician, is appointed as the third-party hospital jury organization by German government. Up till now, there are over 600 hospitals in Germany and Austria passing the judgment and getting the certificate, among which more than 200 passing the second judgment.

President Anmin CHEN made a conclusion of the authentication afterwards. During the preparation of authentication, the six authentication ideals further improve the quality and safety system of hospital. Putting Patient-oriented as the core service aim, we have been optimizing the working procedure; paying close attention to the staff and their development needs to define the position responsibility more clearly; supervising the safety of hospital; smoothing the information communication and strengthening the core human resource leadership and Executive force. All the practices have proved that the KTQ six ideals not only bring benefit to hospital but patients as well. Getting KTQ certificate is a landmark for Tongji Hospital, which will exert broad and deep influence to not only central China but the whole country. From the cooperation with KTQ, we can communicate the hospital management experience frequently between Chinese and German hospitals so as to promote the further professional exchanges in terms of medical, nursing, scientific research, teaching and management to provide better service to the patients.