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Management Training in Germany

In June, 25 management staff from Tongji Hospital visited some German hospitals and participated in German-Sino Medical Association Forum. From June 12th to 23rd, a series of management training has been conducted to exchange the experience in the aspect of hospital management.

On June 13rd, after 30 hours flight, the staff went to Berlin International Conference Center to attend the China Forum of 2012 German Capital Conference. In the conference, excellent speeches were given by the Economic Counselor Zhang Jiaqiang of China’s Embassy to Germany, the President and Senate Ulf Fink, Professor Christan Ohrloff, President of German-Sino Medical Association, Secretary Annette Widmann-Mauzn of Ministry of Health of German Federal Government, Professor Chen Anmin, Director of Sino-German Medical Association and President of Tongji Hospital. In addition to that, Professor Bert Ruerup, President of Dortmund International School of Management and Professor Zhang Zhenzhong, Dean of China National Health Development Research Center also delivered remarks in terms of the Current Situation and Prospect of China Health System and the Medical Insurance in China.

On the morning of June 14th, the trainees visited Berlin Trauma and Rehabilitation Hospital where the nice environment and effective rehabilitation and first aid facilities impressed the trainees very much. In the afternoon, Doctor Frank Ulrich Montgomery, Director of German Federal Physicians Association extended warm welcome to all the trainees from Tongji Hospital and held a lecture with the theme of Hospital Management. Afterwards, Professor Rainer Sibbel of Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and Medical President Eckhard Nagel of Universität Duisburg-Essen gave an introduction of German health development and delivered the speeches in terms of hospital management as well.

On June 15th, the trainees participated in the Sino-German Disaster Medical Talk. Director of German Federal Physicians Association, Secretary of German-Sino Medical Association, experts from Ministry of Health of German Federal Government, Director of Chinese Medical Association took part in the talk. A series of speeches titled the Efficiency and Performance of First Aid Service in Germany, the Comparison of First Aid Systems between China and Germany, the Systematic Position of the Establishment of First Aid and Disaster Medical Institute in First Aid and Disaster Medical Training.

From June 16th to 21st, the trainees went to Hannover, Heidelberg and visited Hannover Medical School, Heidelberg University Hospital Treatment Center, Heidelberg Orthopedic Hospital and Pediatrics Hospital, receiving the warm welcome from the German counterpart. Professor Dengler, the former vice president and Dean of Neurology Department of Hannover Medical University, Professor Hillemanns, President of Gynecology Hospital, Professor Juergen Debus, Dean of Heidelberg University Hospital Treatment Center, Professor Hoffman, official President of Pediatrics Hospital, Ms. Guerkan, official President of Management School of Heidelberg University Hospital, Professor Volker Ewerbeck, President of Orthopedics Hospital respectively introduced their own hospitals and departments and accompanied the trainees to visit some clinical departments, research and treatment centers.

Despite of the short term of training, the hospitality and excellent management experience as well as the advanced medical skills and facilities impressed the trainees a lot who expressed their satisfaction to the training.



Visiting Berlin Trauma and Rehabilitation Hospital



Visiting Heidelberg Orthopedic Hospital



Visiting Hannover Medical School