Three National Key Disciplines (developing)
Department of Medical Ultrasound & Radiology

The renowned Department of Medical Ultrasound of Tongji Hospital, famous for the dedication to the pursuit of excellence and equipped with advanced equipments and technologies, has a prestigious historical background.  Founded in 1960s, Department of Medical Ultrasound of Tongji Hospital has gathered notable professionals and scientific researchers and maintained its leading position in the top rank of medical ultrasound science in the terms of medical diagnosis, scientific research and medical education in China for nearly 50 years.

At present the Department includes about 50 staff members, including 5 professors and 4 associated professors.  In addition, there are 1 doctor degree mentor and 4 master degree mentors.  Several professors serve as editors in influential journals, such as Chinese Journal of Ultrasonography, Chinese Journal of Medical Ultrasound, Chinese Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine and Chinese Journal of Medical Imaging Technology. Besides, several professionals are members of the ultrasonic subcommittee of several medical associations.  They not only accumulated rich clinical experience in daily work, but also attached great attention to medical education and scientific research.  In the past decades, functioned as a department of a teaching hospital, it has cultivated numerous outstanding ultrasonic medical professionals, and played an important role in the development of China’s ultrasonic medical sciences. We have completed more than 10 projects at national or provincial level. In the year 2011 alone, the ministry or provincial funds our department received has reached a considerable sum, including 3 projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and several projects funded by provincial Natural Science Foundation of Hubei province and other key Foundations. Hundreds of research papers have been published in major national or international medical journals. All of these ensure the department maintaining its leading position as one of the top-ranked departments in China. The department holds proud with these achievements, and it will be ceaseless in pursuing excellence.

After half a century’s development, the department has expanded largely. More than ten new examine rooms will be introduced in the second half year of 2011. By then, patient service, research and educational environment will be greatly improved, the department will make more contribution to the people and ultrasonic medial science in patient care, research and education.