About Research

The centennial Tongji Hospital has always been pioneering in the exploration of the medical sciences, producing rich fruits with its spirit of strictness and cooperation. The number of research projects takes the lead among all hospitals of China. Since the reform and opening up, Tongji Hospital has undertaken 718 state-level research projects. In 2010, it has gained more than 80 projects from the National Research Fund for Natural Sciences, and the number of state-level research projects in progress is in a leading position among China’s hospitals.

We have won 8 National Prizes for Technological Inventions and Scientific Advancement up to now.

The number of published research papers takes the lead among all medical institutions of China.

According to the statistics of China Institute of Scientific Information, the number of research papers published by Tongji Hospital in and outside China ranked 2nd for 4 successive years, and the number of SCI papers (the highest score by Impact Factor being 32) ranked 2nd in 2008 among all hospitals in China. Over 10 medical journals are published by Tongji Hospital and distributed nationwide. An array of prestigious experts and professors hold academic posts in the Chinese Medical Association and its provincial or municipal branches, hence enjoying high academic positions both at home and abroad. 101 monographs have been published in the last 10 years, among which 4 monumental works – “Huangjiasi Surgery”, “China Internal Medicine”, “An English-Chinese Medical Dictionary” and “A German-Chinese Medical Dictionary” – produced great impacts in China.