As a national subordinate hospital department, Department of Cardiology of Tongji Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science & Technology has received great attentions and supports from the nation. After been established in 1959, Department of cardiology has been approved as a master's degree discipline in 1979, doctoral degree discipline in 1981, and the key disciplines in Hubei Province in 1996 Meanwhile, the Institute of Hypertension was established in 1998. The department has also been authorized the key disciplines of Ministry of Education in 2001, the National Clinical Test Center in 2006, and the national key clinical department of Ministry of Health in 2011.

Currently, the department has in total 101 employees, including 10 health workers (heart function rooms and laboratories), 54 nurses, 1 secretary, and 36 specialists with advanced medical technologies and concepts. We have 26 doctors with doctorate, seven with mastership, and three with Bachelor degree. Among thm, there are 17 Senior title, and 12 Middle title, including 11 doctoral supervisors. At present, Professor Daowen Wang is the Director of Internal Medicine and the Department of Cardiology, Professor Lin Wang is the Deputy Director of the Department of Cardiology, Professor Hesong Zeng is the Chief of the cardiac catheterization laboratory. Professor Daowen Wang also serves as the Director of Institute of Hypertension.

Our department comprises five parts, three wards with 110 beds (including 10 beds in CCU), cardiac catheterization room, hybrid operating room, cardiac function examination center (including echocardiography), and the Institute of Hypertension (including Gene Therapy Center and genetic laboratory platform).

We especially focus on the difficult cases and mainly provide services for acute and critically ill patients. While conducting routine clinical diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases (such as interventional therapies for coronary heart disease and rheumatic heart disease, radiofrequency ablation for arrhythmia, etc.), we also carry out diagnosis and stent implantation for treatment of aortic dissection (including acute and subacute phases), screening and treatment of primary aldosteronism, genetic diagnosis for treatment guidance and individualized therapy as well.

As the forefront of the domestic cardiovascular medicine in general hospital, there are 60,000 outpatient visits, 3,000 people treated annually in recent years, including nearly 50% outsider patients. The success rate of emergency treatment of acute myocardial infarction is more than 90%.

Since 2000, the Department of cardiology has already won 51 national projects for a total nearly 20 million funding, including 34 National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) projects (including two key projects of the NSFC), three 863 projects, three 973 projects, one international cooperation project, and one key project of clinical discipline of Ministry of Health subordinates. According to incomplete statistics, our staffs have published approximately 700 articles as the first authors or the corresponding authors, of which are mainly national core journals or source journals. Besides, we also published over 90 articles in SCI journals, including papers in Circ Res, Hypertension, Cancer Res, J Pharmacol Exper Ther, Mol Cancer Ther, Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol, Circ Cardiovasc Genetics, Gene Ther, and Hum Gene Ther, etc., with the highest impact factor of nearly 15. We have also applied for 10 national patents, which was approved four, and six remaining in open real trials. Moreover, we have also gained one first prize of Natural Science Award of Ministry of Education, one first prize of Hubei Science and Technology Progress Award, three second prizes of Hubei Science and Technology Progress Award, three second prizes of Wuhan Science and Technology Progress Award, and two third prizes of Wuhan Science and Technology Progress Award.

We dedicate to provide high quality comprehensive healthcare for the patients, and make every effort to forge ahead. Our good ethics and high-quality medical and research level have received high degree of recognition and praise from both domestic and international communities.

The Dean of the department is Dao-Wen Wang.