Breast & Thyroid Surgery

The Division of Breast & Thyroid Surgery is established in January 2003 and is an important part of the department of General Surgery of Tongji hospital, which is one of the national key subjects of China. Our division consists of two wards, which includes 79 beds. The annual admission is nearly 3,000 cases and annual operation number is nearly 1,500 cases. The major medical stuff includes 2 professors, 3 assistant professors and 6 attending doctors. All of them have MD degrees and 7 of them have oversea study experiences including Germany and US. Professor Jilin Yi, the director of the breast and thyroid division is also the chief of General Surgery department and an experienced tutor of doctoral students. After achieving MD degree in University of Heidelberg, he focuses his clinical expertise on the benign and malignance diseases of thyroid, breast, liver and bile duct, as well as inguinal hernia. Multiple national and provincial awards were granted for his outstanding works and contributions to the treatment and research in liver cancer. Professor Yi is also in charge of several national and provincial natural science foundation supported research projects, through which many specialized medical professionals were trained and educated. Professor Yaqun Wu, the formal vice-director of the Breast and Thyroid division, is a well-known expert for her over 30 year’s outstanding work in the treatment and research of breast and thyroid diseases. She also has been in Munich, Germany, for further study and training. Professor Wu also has academic duties in medical societies in Hubei province for her profound influences in the fields of breast and thyroid surgery.

For out-patients, our division provides specialized out-patient service, expert out-patient service and special expert out-patient service for patients with breast and thyroid diseases. Our ward also provides minimal treatment for breast lump (Mammotome), core-needle biopsy and fiberoptic ductoscopy examinations. By far, the breast and thyroid surgery division has become a clinical center for the combined services for early diagnosis and standardized treatment of breast and thyroid diseases, as well as hernia surgery. We are among the earliest ones who initially performed the mammotome technique and fiberoptic ductosopy in mid-south China. We always applied the state-of-art concepts and progresses from international researches to the clinical fields and have established a combined treatment module for breast malignancies, which is customized to the situation of local patients. More and more patients have benefitted from the combine treatment module of breast cancer that integrates surgery, chemotherapy, endocrine therapy and molecular targeting therapy. With these efforts, encouraging improvements have been achieved. In the hernia treatment, we are also one of the earliest practitioners of tension-free hernia repair technique in China. For those appropriate candidates, this technique has been proven to be effective with better recovery and lower morbidity. In the aspect of more challenging minimally invasive surgery, we have started standardized laparoscopic assisted thyroidectomy since 2010 and have successfully performed nearly 100 cases. In Hubei province, we are also the earliest practitioners of this technique. By far, multiple goiter, thyroid adenoma and micro-carcinoma have been treated in this way and good results have been achieved.

The Dean of this department is Jin-Li Yi.