Integrative Traditional Chinese & Western Medicine

The Department of Integrative Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine of Tongji Hospital is one of the earliest clinical departments after the former Tongji Medical College of Tongji University moving from Shanghai to Wuhan. After 50-years continuous efforts, this department has become a famous institution with a rational scale and good reputation in integrated health care, teaching and scientific research, whose comprehensive strength ranked in the leading level in Integrative Medicine disciplines over the country.

Secondary research subjects of Integrated Chinese and Western medicine include five branches, which are Obstetrics and Gynecology, Rheumatology, Endocrinology, Digestive diseases and Oncology. The special attention and good evaluation from government and societies have been harvested in clinical and research activities in the fields such as fetal growth restriction, infertility, gynecological infections, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, diabetes, non-alcoholic hepatitis, peptic ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome, lung cancer and digestive cancer et al, with prominent academic attraction.

The therapeutic techniques with traditional Chinese medicinal characteristics such as colon dialysis with traditional Chinese herbs, Winter Disease Treated in Summer, Acupuncture and Auricular Points achieved the excellent effects. More than 300 outpatients visit daily, nearly 100,000 outpatients annually. There are 47 fixed beds in wards, and more than 1,000 inpatients discharged annually.

This department is the sponsoring unit of vice president of Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine and president of the Association of Integrative Medicine of Hubei Province. The Institute of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine was established in 1986. In 2002 we established the Faculty of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine. Since 2003, this discipline has been authorized to confer Doctoral degree in the clinical discipline of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, and become a mobile station for the post-doctors fellowships and the class 3 laboratory of pathophysiology approved by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Especially since 2007, this disciple has honored with Key Subject of Hubei Province and National Key Cultivate Subject. This discipline has been scored the fifth position in academic assessment by Academic Evaluation Center of Ministry of Education. The bi-monthly journal of "Integrative Medicine Research" organized by this institute has been issued in 2009.

In past five years, there were nearly 30 projects supported by funds including projects of provincial and ministerial grants, of the Natural Foundation Science of China, of National Basic 863 Research and 973 Research Grants of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and total fund up to 5 million yuan. Several awards were conferred for outstanding scientific research work including two awards of the first class prize of Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine, one award of the first class prize of Hubei Science and Technology Progress and five awards of the second class prize of Hubei Science and Technology Progress. Meanwhile 5 patents have been achieved, and 7 kinds of Chinese Materia Medica applied in Tongji Hospital developed. More than 300 original articles have been published, which included 20 papers recorded by SCI. A systematic and complete platform of bed to bench and to bed translational medicine for Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine has been established.

The Dean of the department is Fu-Er Lu.