Trauma Surgery

Department of Trauma Surgery of Tongji Hospital was established in 1990. Our department is a key subject of Ministry of Education in clinical care, medical teaching and research and has an excellent staff of 1 professor, 9 associate professors and 5 attending doctors, most of whom having received further training in different trauma centers of Europe and USA.

The department has developed into the first class and is highly regarded as one of the best trauma centers which provides around-the-clock care for multiple injuries and severely comprehensive trauma patients. It is a comprehensive department with bed capacity of 72, admitting an average of 1,800 severely injured patients at most and performs more than 1,200 procedures on these patients. We offer the world-class clinical care to all kinds of trauma victims with first aid, emergency surgical intervention, diagnostic and medical treatment, intensive care and trauma integral treatment, including neurosurgery, general surgery, thoracic surgery, orthopedic surgery, vascular surgery, burn, intensive care, wound care and rehabilitation.

Our scientific researches focus on the septic shock, metabolic consequences of trauma disease, brain and spinal cord injury and wound healing. We have got 6 grants for National Natural Science Foundation of China and other research funds. We have published more than 200 papers both clinic and basic researches in the national periodicals. More than 10 articles have been published in the SCI periodicals. Additionally, we’ve got 2 scientific and technical awards and 2 patents.

Besides, a great number of undergraduates and graduates in Tongji Medical College of HUST have been cultivated in our department these years.

The Dean of the department is Xiang-Jun Bai.