Refractive Surgery Center

Refractive Surgery Center of Tongji Hospital is the first ametropia treatment center of Hubei Province, the medical technology and academic status leading the province. Since founded in 1995 August, refractive surgery center completed more than 70,000 cases of refractive operation, many patients` life quality and employment opportunities were improved and increased. Refractive surgery center of Tongji Hospital has advanced equipments and strong technology, in addition, advanced inspection and surgical equipments were introduced to improve the medical quality. In order to correct ametropia, we carry out LASIK, LASEK, personalized excimer laser corneal refractive surgery, ICL implantation, et al. We give priority to social impact and control surgical indications strictly. All the patients received strict preoperational examination, all of the treatment processes were accomplished by professional and technical personnel. Refractive surgery center has 1 chief physician, 1 deputy chief physician and 2 master instructors,they accomplished many projects of National Research Fund for Natural Sciences of Hubei Province,more than 30 academic papers were published in national and international core journals.

The Dean of the department is Lei Liu.