Nutrition Department

Tongji Hospital is the first standardized clinical nutrition pilot hospital in Hubei Province. As a standardized and scientific management of the clinical medical department, our nutrition department commits to clinical nutrition therapy work for outpatient and hospital-wide patients. There are two full-time nutritionists and they cooperate with clinicians to formulate a comprehensive and individualized nutrition treatment plan according to the patients’ condition by nutritional consultation. Currently we have carried out nutrition counseling and nutrition therapy for health group, sub-health group and patients with diabetes, gout, hypertension, coronary heart disease, kidney disease, peptic ulcer and other diseases. Dietary therapy and clinical treatment were taken together to accomplish the purpose of health promotion and play an important role in diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The service aims is to bring the health concepts to everyone. In short, our department is willing to provide clinical nutrition guidance in order to get a comprehensive, balanced, rational nutrition, improve the body's ability of disease prevention, reduce complications and promote early rehabilitation.

The Dean of the department is Ying Yao.