Clinical Laboratory

Clinical Laboratory of Tongji Hospital is a clinical, teaching, research in integrated medical laboratory. We have high-quality trainedphysicians and test technicianswho are able to meet customer needs. We can provide the medical testing and counseling, interpretation services in the fields of clinical hematology, clinical body fluids, blood clots and bleeding, clinical chemistry, clinical immunology, clinical microbiology and molecular biology.

In 2005, we had been firstly accredited by Chinese National Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) of the Medical Laboratory Accreditation in China (Certificate No.: CNAS MT0002). We have received regular supervision and re-assessment of CNAS, which indicates that the management, technical competence and test quality of our department have been detected with international standards. In addition, Clinical Laboratory of Tongji Hospital has been commissioned by the Health Department of Hubei Province (Hubei health letter [2009] No. 527) to organize and manage bacterial antimicrobial resistance surveillance of 2nd class and 3rd class hospital, annually analyze and report the resistant rate. So clinicians can use those data rationally for empirical therapy. We provide the foundation for infectious diseases control.

The Dean of the department is Zi-Yong Sun.