Transfusion Department is a comprehensive department whose blood transfusions quality and safety management have reached advanced level in the provincial place. The service comprises the storage, administration of blood and blood products, blood sample testing, transfusion therapy, teaching and scientific research in blood group genetic level.

The Department equipped with the domestic and international advanced instruments and equipments covers an area of 400 square meters, with a Crossmatching Room, Blood storage Room, Red Blood Cells Grouping Reference Lab and Molecular Biology Laboratory, etc. There are 18 technology personnel, including three doctors, 15 technicians.

We offer various laboratory tests and treatment services: Pre-transfusion tests, which consist of ABO and Rh(D) blood typing, Antibodies Screening and Cross-matching; Coomb's tests; difficult blood typing and cross-match tests; Rh system typing; Prenatal screening and Postpartum diagnosis of Neonatal hemolytic disease.

We provide various blood and blood products, as well as Blood transfusion consulting for clinical departments all day long. We also develop several special Blood treatment technologies: Blood irradiation, autologous blood collection and transfusion techniques.

We provide teaching and intern training for the undergraduate, graduate students, advanced students and interns. In addition to, we progress some scientific researches on Blood transfusion safety and blood immunological research, Molecular biology basis of  Blood Type. We have host 5 research projects and more than twenty academic papers have been published in national and international academic journals.

The Dean of the department is Qing Wei.