In 1980, the clinical allergy related work was started in Tongji Hospital. In 1997, “Allergy Department” was established. For the convenience of patients, allergy department was renamed from “bian tai fan ying ke” to “guo min fan ying ke” in 2006.

Tongji Allergy Department is a specialised department combining clinical, teaching and scientific research which deserves academic reputation. It is also the only one key discipline which the first to carries out clinical allergy work and characters by disease diagnosis, treatment and research.

Medical Treatment

The sIgE in the patient’s serum is measured by UniCap testing machine which is the “golden standard” in the world. Unicap can combine the traditional in vivo allergen testing and in vitro allergen testing to further improve the veracity and reliability of the diagnosis for effective treatment.

Allergy Department has abundant clinical experience in treating allergic asthma and allergic rhinitis, urticaria, and other allergic disease. The “immunotherpay” play fundamental role in treatment and obtained good effect, which given highly reputation by patients and experts.


In 1996, Allergology course was first given by allergy department in Tongji which pioneers in the key medical colleges of China’s Ministry of Health, and currently undertakes teaching workload for 5 years students, 8 years students, masters and doctors which laid a foundation for high level clinical allergy doctors.

Allergy department is currently the only clinical allergy professional medical training base and undertakes national and Hubei province advanced education classes which already trained a lot of medical staff for inside and outside of the basic-level hospitals.

In 2002, the Tongji Allergy web site was established and “allergy family” projects were begin to host. The popular science work was favoured and given high praise by patients.


Allergy department undertakes several national and provincial funds, especially hosted and completed the project of monitoring the pollen and fungi in the air of Wuhan and Hubei province. Basic and clinical research was operated to explore the mechanism and treatment of allergic diseases such as bronchus asthma, allergic rhinitis and urticaria on the level of molecular biology for better diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

In 2006, allergy department was approved by State Food and Drug Administration to be the second national medicine trail base and already finished several clinical pharmacy researches successfully.

The Dean of the Department is Guang-Hui Liu.