Rehabilitation Medicine

The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Tongji Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, founded in 1984, was one of the earliest Departments of physical medicine and Rehabilitation in China. Integrating medical care, teaching, research and professional training, it is an outstanding unit in the whole country combining modern rehabilitation medicine with traditional therapy. In 1990, it was recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as “the Collaborating Center for Training and Research in Rehabilitation”, till now, which has been confirmed successively five times.

The rehabilitation department is highly regarded for its academics, in large part due to the fact that there are many national and province committee members among its staff members. The department consists of out-patient and in-patient wards, the rehabilitation treatment room, the prosthetic and orthotic centre and hyperbaric oxygen treatment centers. The department is now equipped with the most advanced assessment and rehabilitation treatment equipment. Our rehabilitation teams provide services to patients in the following areas: nervous system injury rehabilitation, muscular and skeletal injury rehabilitation, internal and surgical diseases rehabilitation, cancer rehabilitation and child rehabilitation. The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Tongji Hospital is one of the pioneering departments in China in this discipline.

In 1987, the department was approved by the State Council Committee for conferring Master's degree, and in 2004 it was approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council for Ph.D education. Since Tongji Hospital is the teaching hospital of Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, the department is responsible for the rehabilitation teaching of eight-year medical students, seven-year medical students, junior college students, students of vocational school, health school and adult education school, as well as their clinical placements. It admits students all over the country and also recruits foreign students, practical students and students for further studies from Germany, the United States and African countries.

The Department has a strong research reputation, and has much success in obtaining national grant funding. The department also have an editorial section which in charge of two renowned scholarly journals of national grade, named respectively  "Chinese Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation" and "Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation".

The Dean of the department is Xiao-Lin Huang.