Children’s Medical Center was originally founded in Shanghai in 1928. After the development and expansion from a small department over 80 years, it has now become one of the most famous children’s medical center for pediatric clinic, education and research. With a total number of 220 beds in 6 separate wards, it provides service for children with endocrinology, genetic and metabolic diseases, infectious disease, kidney diseases, digestive diseases, blood diseases, cardiovascular diseases, immunological diseases, respiratory disease. The annual amount out-patient was over 400,000 in recent years. There are 10 full professors and 13 associate professors in the center, among whom 7 are doctorate supervisors and 11 Master tutors.

With high reputation in China, Tongji’s Pediatric Center is now a leading academic institute in China with membership of standing-committee of Chinese Society of Pediatrics, and of youth-committee of Chinese Society of Pediatrics. Professor Xiaoping Luo is now chair of Chinese Association of Pediatric Endocrine, Genetic and Metabolic Diseases, Professor Feng Fang Chairs Chinese Association of Pediatric Infectious Disease, Professor Jianhua Zhou co-chairs Chinese Association of Pediatric Nephrology, and Professor Zhihua Huang co-chairs Chinese Association of Pediatric Digestive Diseases. Many other doctors hold position in subspecialties of pediatrics like Chinese Association of Pediatric Hematology, Cardiology and Rheumatology. Many specialties of pediatrics have state-of-art techniques and play a leading role in diagnosis and treatment of severe and complicated pediatric diseases.

The Dean of the department is Xiao-Ping Luo.