The Department of Cancer of Tongji Hospital was planned in 1956, and founded in 1958. In 2004, Tongji Cancer Center was proclaimed. The center includes Tongji cancer branch, Tongji oncological radiotherapy center and one oncological laboratory. Now it has 240 beds, and its daily in-patient care is more than 300. In 2010 38 doctors (21 have doctor degree, and 15 have master degree), 78 nurses, 5 radiotherapeutical physiotherapist, and 15 technicians were working in the center. The main medical work index, including in-patient number, discharged number, average resident time, has won the first 5 branches in Tongji Hospital, sometimes even the first 3 branches.

The center follows the formal anti-cancer guidelines in its daily work, strengthens communication and cooperation with other branches (radiology, surgery, pathology, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, etc) in the hospital, and focuses on providing standardized diagnosis and treatments for patients. The center is the first one in the Central and Southern China region, which establishes the advanced oncological comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy and molecular targeted therapy, for all types of malignancies such as nasopharyngeal cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, esophageal cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, lymphoma, cervical cancer.

The center emphasized the rehabilitation and palliative care for cancer patients, and focuses on improving their life quality. The chef of the center, Professor Shiying Yu was elected as the chairman of CRPC (The Committee of Rehabilitation and Palliative Care, China) in 2006. With her lead, the center launched standardized cancer pain assessment and treatment all over the country, and is constructing wards with standard treatment of cancer pain. As the result, Tongji Cancer Center plays the most important role in domestic palliative care.

The scientific researches in the center could be divided into basic part and clinical part. The basic research of the center mainly focuses on radiation biology, tumor hypoxia and tumor metastasis. Professor Shiying Yu focused on basic research of cervical cancer and cancer pain; Professor Guoqing Hu focused on basic research of NPC; Professor Yuan Chen focused on radiation biology of lung cancer; Professor Xianglin Yuan did a lot of work about tumor hypoxia and radiation biology. Dr. Yan Leng, who returned from Canada, achieved leading research level in China about cytoskeleton and tumor metastasis. Longitudinal research funding of oncological center placed in the forefront of oncology professionals in Hubei province, including six National Natural Foundation, three Hubei Provincial Technology Achievement Awards and Technology Achievement Awards of Health Department in Hubei province.

Tongji Cancer Center has always insisted on the clinical researches including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, endocrine therapy and palliative therapy. The researches on comprehensive therapy of lung cancer and cervical cancer achieved domestic advanced level. Clinical study of palliative care is one of the key development projects. The center did a lot of researches on assessment of life quality, pain and other symptoms, independently created life quality assessment scale, and improved assessment system of clinical symptoms. Clinical trials are one of the main research projects. Tongji Cancer Center is the first department participating in international multi-center clinical trial, and is also involved in most clinical trials in the Central and Southern China region. From late 90s of last century, the center participated and successfully completed more than thirty multi-center clinical trials, including twenty international multi-center clinical trials and famous HERA trial. A number of doctors and nurses in Tongji Cancer Center received national GCP training. The center passed clinical trial eligibility assessment by National Health Service and Food and Drug Administration in 2005, and received qualification certificate in 2006. Since that, Tongji Cancer Center can be engaged in Phase I cancer drugs clinical trials and other studies. Participation in clinical trials has become an option for patients, and also a major feature of the center.

After developing for more than 50 years, Tongji Cancer Center is the pioneer of oncological branches in domestic large-scale general hospitals, with respect to its business, developing scale and levels of research, education and academia. With the efforts of all medical staff in the center, Tongji Cancer Center will continue to progress and achieve more reputations in the future.

The Dean of the department is Shi-Ying Yu.