Nephrology Department of Tongji Hospital was established in 1980s. After 30 years development, it has now been one of the divisions in Hubei province with the most powerful technical force, the perfect diagnostic equipment, and the highest treatment level. There are 27 nephrologists, including 13 senior professional doctors, and 7 doctoral supervisors. Several nephrologists of the division have been principal of provincial or municipal societies of nephrology and the main organizers of many academic activities, and they enjoy high reputation around the country.

As a combination of medical treatment, education and science research, our division has the stable clinical characteristics and research direction. In medical treatment, we focus on the diagnosis and treatment of incurable renal diseases and the prevention of renal fibrosis, and have gathered redundant experiences in the diagnosis and treatment of glomerular diseases and end-stage renal diseases (ESRD), and the rescue of severe patients. Now we have already owned two endemic areas (82 beds), the dialysis center (more than 40 dialyzers), out-patient department and a renal laboratory. In addition, construction of the peritoneal dialysis center and interventional nephrology center are under preparation. The dialysis center offers several sorts of blood purification techniques and vascular access operations. The lab has advanced equipments and can carry out many kinds of tests, which will meet clinical need, and is authorized to be the “National experimental base for clinical drug” in 2005.

We exert important importance in clinical education. We actively carry out teaching reforms and continuously introduce advanced teaching philosophies around the world. In order to keep on sustainable development, we have paid much attention to personnel training, organized academic communication at home and abroad, and send elites to study in advanced hospitals abroad. We also put great efforts in international communication, and keep long time cooperation in clinic and research with Massachusetts General Hospital (USA), Hannover Medical School (Germany), and Uppsala University (Sweden).

In science research, the academic leader leads the direction of renal disease accurately, and we are gradually in line with international practice in renal fibrosis prevention, renal pathol ogy and renal replacement therapy. We have done or keep going more than 20 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Hubei province and the Ministry, and a total funds over 8 million. The division published over 100 papers during the period of “The 11th Five—Year Plan”, including 50 SCI papers, and has won a prize for Science and Technology Progress of Hubei Province and a first prize of Chinese Medical Science and Technology Awards.


The Dean of the department is Gang Xu.