Founded in 1947, the Neurology Department of Tongji Hospital is a key discipline and major laboratory in Hubei Province, and also a training base for specialist physicians of Chinese Ministry of Health. The Department has 142 staff members, with 8 professors (including one Distinguished Professor as CHANGJIANG Scholar) and 14 associate professors. The department has both NICU and out-patient division with 160 beds in 4 wards. The seven dominant discipline orientations in the department are cerebrovascular diseases, epilepsy, neuromyopathies and neuroimmunology, extra-pyramidal diseases, dementia, neuropsychology and neurological rehabilitation.

The groups in special fields are headed by a few excellent professors, devoted to both clinical and basic studies. Furthermore, the Epilepsy Center for Tongji Hospital and the China-German Neuropathology Diagnosis Platform exert key roles in clinical service in the middle and southern part of China. Several professors from the Department are taking important positions in Chinese academies or societies for medicine. The department serves about 140,000 outpatients and 4,000 hospitalized patients annually. Besides, the department is the most influential re-education bases, trained hundreds of students, post-graduates, post-doctoral fellows and neurologists each year.

For the recent years, Neurology Department has been supported by over 90 grants from the Chinese Government, amounting to RMB 15.756 million. The magazine Neural Injury and Functional Reconstruction, subordinated to the Ministry of Education and sponsored by the Department, has been listed as Source Journal for Chinese Scientific and Technological Papers Statistics (Chinese Scientific and Technological Core Journal). In publication, the department has published 10 more neurology monographs and textbooks, 68 academic papers in peer-viewed journals with high SCI, such as Annals of Neurology and Progress in Neurobiology.

The Dean of the department is Sui-Qiang Zhu.