Department of Wellness & Prevention

The duties of Department of Wellness and Prevention (DWP) include the administration of Employee Socialized Medicare, Employee Family Planning, Infectious Disease Reporting, Patriotic Hygiene Campaign, and Wellness Education.

Employee Socialized Medicare
DWP provides Socialized Medicare services for current and retired employees. To qualify for the Socialized Medicare, all prescriptions and treatment plans must be approved by the DWP doctors. Inpatients should first register at DPW. Upon discharge and then the Socialized Medicare Office can review the bill and determine the appropriate payment percentage from the hospital.

Employee Family Planning
All employees should follow the national family planning policies. Deferring marriage and childbearing are encouraged. New employees should register at DWP. DWP provides assistance in marriage registration, childbirth, one-child certification, Parental leave.

Infectious Disease Reporting
If any infectious disease is diagnosed, the diagnosing doctor should fill out the reporting card as soon as possible. Specifically, the doctor should provide assistance to CDC in epidemiological investigation for HIV-positive patients and AFP. Also, the doctor should fill out the reporting cards for sexually transmitted diseases, cancer, and death. 

Patriotic Hygiene Campaign
DWP obeys and executes the regulations and policies from National Patriotic Hygiene Committee. DWP provides assistance to authorities for a variety of hygiene issues: food, water, medical waste, construction waste, and waste water.

Wellness Education
DWP organizes activities in wellness education, and medical volunteering.