Thoracic Surgery

The department of Thoracic Surgery of Tongji hospital, Huazhong University of Science and Technology was established in 1960’s and is the largest professional clinical diagnosis and treatment center in central China. At present, there are 120 patient beds and 18 unique postoperative ICU beds in the department. More than 2,000 cases of thoracic operations are performed annually. The department is comprised of eighteen staff with three professors, five associate professors, five attending surgeons and five residents.

The department of Thoracic Surgery is one of the few general thoracic surgery doctoral training bases and is the only state-level general thoracic surgery training base in Hubei province. Our department is the only clinical research center of esophageal cancer in south region authorized by the national committee of esophageal cancer.

Our department specializes in surgical treatments of lung, esophagus, mediastinum and chest wall diseases. In addition to conventional surgery, we have particular expertise in the management of complex surgical treatment of the thoracic diseases. The diagnostic and therapeutic techniques have been in the leading position.




The Dean of the department is Xiang-Ning Fu.