As a national clinical center for endocrine diseases, our division is committed to providing the highest standards of care to patients with endocrine disorders in a compassionate and professional setting. Tongji Endocrine physicians care for patients with disorders of calcium including hyperparathyroidism, metabolic bone problems and osteoporosis, hypogonadism (low testosterone), and adrenal problems.

The Division of Endocrinology of Tongji Hospital was founded in 1950s. In the past half century, the department has got a lot of achievements in the fields of endocrinology and metabolism. Currently there are 16 faculties including five with professor titles and five associate professors. Of all the physicians, seven have studied abroad. Professor Yu Xuefeng is the director for the Division of Endocrinology.

We set up the first endocrine laboratory in Hubei province and our lab is capable of performing the comprehensive clinical tests of endocrinology. In addition, we have successfully treated the patients with hyperthyroidism by angioplasty and those with diabetic hyperosmolar coma by applying hemodialysis. Our research interests have been focusing on the pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of diabetes and its related complications. We successfully developed the instrument for measurement foot pressure for the diabetic foot and have been awarded with the national patent. In 2005, the department was officially approved as one of national center for the clinical trials for new medications by the Ministry of Health.

The Neuroendocrine Unit provides a multidisciplinary evaluation of patients with pituitary and hypothalamic disorders, including prolactinomas, Cushing's disease, acromegaly, nonfunctioning pituitary tumors, hypopituitarism, and other pituitary and hypothalamic disorders.

As obesity and the incidence of type 2 diabetes grow nationwide, the treatment and prevention of diabetes have become a top public health priority.

The Centers for diabetes care at Tongji Hospital take an active role in using innovative treatments and educating the public on how to prevent this lifelong disease. Guided by the motto, "the care until the cure," the Center offers comprehensive multidisciplinary diabetes care, unique family-centered services, an insulin intensive treatment program, and education programs.

The Dean of the department is Xue-Feng Yu.