With the efforts of several generations, the Gastroenterology Department of Tongji Hospital has been a department integrating medical care, teaching, research and training, which is characterized by study of liver disease and endoscopic diagnosis and treatment. The department wields important influence nationwide and stands for top-grade overall level in Hubei province and China.

Our Gastroenterology Department aims to promote academic development, provide excellent medical care, and cultivate specialized talents. As a highly qualified medical staff, there are 88 members together in our department, including 5 professors and chief physicians, 8 associate professors and associate chief physicians, 7 attending physicians, 9 resident physicians, 43 nurses, 7 technical staff; among them there are 19 scholars with doctor degree, 6 with master degree, 9 pursuing advanced study abroad and 5 having returned. Many experts take academic duties in national and provincial associations and journals.

Gastroenterology Department now consists of five departments, including Gastroenterology Department Ⅰ, Gastroenterology Department Ⅱ, Digestive Endoscopy Center, Hepatology and Gastroenterology Institute, and Gastrointestinal Kinetics Test Center. We characterized and specialized in chronic liver disease, gastrointestinal disease, biliary disease, pancreatic disease and surgical endoscopy, and have provided effective treatment to many patients with various intensive or complicated digestive system diseases. Hepatology Department, Biliary-Pancreatic-Gastroenterology Department, Diagnosis and Surgical Endoscopy Department, and Intensive Care Unit for Digestive System Diseases will be set up after new wards are settled.

Digestive Endoscopy Center owns excellent medical and technical personnels as well as exquisite instrumentations. This is one of the best endoscopy centers in the Huazhong District with large scale, abundant patients, modern facilities and optimal treatment. Besides regular diagnosis and treatment programs, our department takes the lead to run painless gastroscopy, painless enteroscopy, and also perform ERCP, ESD, EMR, variceal injection of tissue glue or sclerosing agent and loop ligature, ultrasonic endoscopy, small intestinal endoscopy, percutaneous gastrostomosis and other endoscopic therapies, which largely raises the level of endoscopic diagnosis and treatment in Hubei province.

Hepatology and Gastroenterology Institute is the base of foundational scientific researches and new clinical tests. Laboratories are equipped with adequate facilities and corresponding echnicians.

As scientific research is considered to be a critical basis for development of the department, since the “11th Five-Year Plan” were proposed, our department have been responsible for up to 27 provincial or national projects, including 16 National Natural Science Foundations, one 973 Project of Ministry of Science and Technology, 3 Provincial Natural Science Foundations, receiving research funds of about 6 millions Yuan. In recent five years 216 articles have been published, in which 38 were included by SCI.

At present Gastroenterology department is accompanied by abundant teaching resources, work facilities and research funds, which ensure an advanced overall medical capability.

The Dean of the department is De-An Tian.