Dermatology & STD

Dermatological department of Tongji Medical College move from Shanghai to Wuhan in the year of 1955.
The department is composed of 40 medical personnel, including 7 chief physicians/professors and 2 associate chief physician/associate professor. There are 13 doctors and 2 masters in this medical team and many members take important responsibilities in a variety of academic organizations, like China Dermatology Association, China Dermatologist Association, Hubei Dermatology Association, Hubei Sexology Association, Hubei STD Society, Wuhan Dermatology Association, Hubei Microbiology Association, Hubei cosmetology Association, Hubei Allergology Association and Hubei Allergist Association.       

Dermatological department is divided into 4 parts. They are outpatient department, inpatient department, and laboratory and laser cosmetic center.
The daily outpatient capacity is 300-500 patients, and the patients come from all over the country. This department sets up several kinds of specialist clinic, such as dermatological intractable disease clinic, venereologist clinic, laser cosmetic clinic and some specialist clinic to treat scar, alopecia, psoriasis, bullous dermatosis, connective tissue disease and dermatomycosis. This department is also the National Demonstration Unit regarding the diagnosis and treatment of mycosis.      
For a long time, the department has framed a system of the difficult-case discussion and the ward-around by directors. They try the best to offer the satisfying treatment to every patient.      
The venereologist clinic provides the laboratory test, the normalized diagnosis and treatment to all kinds of sexual transmitted disease. The Serological screening of AIDS is carried out as well. This department is the normative qualified unit in both Hubei and Wuhan regarding the diagnosis and treatment of sexual transmitted disease.  
Laser cosmetic center can treat various pigmentary skin diseases, vascular diseases, superficial neoplasm and provide the service of laser dehairing and Photorejuvenation.
Inpatient department has 40 hospital beds, vapotherapy room and phototherapy room. It can provide diversified treatments to patients.

Dermatological department is well-equipped. There are imported pulsed dye laser system, alexandrite laser system, four wavelength multifunctional cosmetic laser instrument, laser dehairing machine, Photon therapeutic instrument, microcrystalline grinding machine, ultrapulse CO2 laser machine, Omnilux Revive, semiconductor laser machine, Ultraviolet phototherapy instrument, blue ray therapeutic equipment and TCM vapotherapy instrument. The allergens detection is also applied.
In the laboratory, the facilities containing embedding centre, pathological microtome, cryostat microtome, PCR Amplifier, fluorescence microscope and CO2 incubator are used for the disease diagnosis.
The department aggregates medical treatment, education, scientific research and personnel training. It not only takes responsibility of theoretical and clinical teaching of undergraduate students and master candidates, but also offers the chances to the doctors of primary hospital for advanced studies.
The department is the national drug clinical research base, thus it participates in a certain number of drug clinical research and development every year.
With giving the whole-hearted service to the patients and keeping pace with the times, dermatological department will have a greater development in the future!

The Dean of the department is Shen-Qiu Li.