International Medical Service Department

The International Medical Service Department of Tongji Hospital was founded in 1958 as the first VIP ward in Hubei Province and Central Southern China. It is the first point of medical service hospital for expatriates, designated by the Government of Wuhan, Foreign Affairs Office, the People’s Government of Wuhan Municipal and Wuhan Health Bureau.

We have provided more than 100,000 patients from over 50 different countries and areas with medical services during the last 50 years. The International Medical Service Department was designated as a medical provider and safeguard for major public and international events held in Wuhan City and Hubei Province. It is also the first choice medical unit for many consulate generals, multinational companies and international health insurance companies. 

We are an international medical facility integrated with 7 functions including outpatients, inpatients, surgery, physical examination, medical treatment, health care and rehabilitation. 

We have 22 specialised expert outpatient services, including Cardiovascular Internal Medicine, Respiratory Internal Medicine, etc. At the same time, our facility is also equipped with a cardiac function room, radiation, ultrasound, CT, MRI, bone mineral density room, TCD chamber, rehabilitation treatment room, operation room, intravenous injections for outpatients, high-level physical examination center, nutrition service center, pharmacy and paramedical units.

We have a total of 180 beds, 56 beds in private rooms, 108 beds in semi private rooms, and 14 beds in suites, which provide a sense of home as well as exceptional medical and living facilities.

Our high-end physical examination not only offers a personalised check up package, but also includes rehabilitation therapists, psychological consultants and comprehensive health and life education.

The International Medical Service Department has nearly 200 employees, including 22 chief or deputy physicians, professors or associate professors and senior technical personnel, 4 doctoral supervisor and 8 master tutors. 80% of the physicians among the whole staff hold a Ph.D. or master degree. 40% of the physicians have overseas study experiences in USA, Germany, France, UK, Canada, Japan and other countries.

Our department is in accordance with international advanced concepts. Gradually we established a multidisciplinary collaboration, integrated management of translation and accompanying services with Chinese characteristics and international medical services.

Currently, the hospital leadership team is leveraging the hospital medical capability and taking big efforts to develop excellent high-end medical service, to ensure that we, as our hospital, will be one of the best high-end medical centres in Central China, continuing to eventually become renowned nationwide.

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