About Services

Tongji hospital comprises 62 clinical and paramedical departments, among which 8 are national key disciplines, and the Department of Rehabilitation is designated a training and research center of WHO. The medical orientation of the hospital is: building 1 center – Central China's center of medical and health care; establishing 3 bases – base for treating critical cases, base for surgical treatment, and base for the care of high-level intellectuals and officials; and playing a 4-fold role – as a center, as a model, as a guide, and as a radiant of medical service.

The main indices of the hospital's medical workload have been breaking Hubei's medical records. The number of outpatient and emergency cases takes the lead in Hubei Province for more than 20 successive years.

Among its staff members are a great number of experts and scholars reputed at home and abroad, including 296 tutors of doctorate candidates, 95 holders of special government allowances from China's State Council, 2 chief scientists of the national "973" research projects, 4 Yangtze-scholars of China's Ministry of Education, 8 holders of the national funds for outstanding youth, 12 middle-aged and young experts with prominent contributions selected by China's Ministry of Public Health, and 11 excellent new-century talents selected by China's Ministry of Education. 37 academicians are specially appointed part-time professors of the hospital.