Undergraduate Studies

Till the end of 2018, the number of teachers in the hospital reached 2082. With the total teaching area amounting 13,000m2, there are many modern equipments and classrooms. At present, there are 9 departments, 19 teaching and research sections and we undertake the clinical tasks to teach more than 10 majors’ undergraduate students. Cinical Medicine is a national-level characteristic specialty and our Sino-German Expenrimental Class in Cinical Medicine is the only one medical experimental class of Huazhong University. Our Cillincal Skills Experimental Eduaction Centre is a national- level experimental demonstration centre. Up till now, the college has constructed 4 national-level resource-sharing top-quality courses, 3 national-level bilingual teaching demonstration courses, 1 national-level top-quality video opening course, several nation-level teaching achievement awards, 1 national-level teaching team, 1 national-level teacher, 1 teacher who won the Excellent Teachers of Baosteel Education Fund. Also, the college edited more than 20 appointed textbooks. The students from Second Clinical College represented Huazhong University to attend the grand final of Clinical Skills Competition among Medical College Students in China and won the Special Award 1 time and First Prize 3 times.