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For foreign patients, you can contact Dr. Silja Zhang, who is a German medical doctor, working at Tongji Hospital, and is fluent in English and German. She will meet and support you together with Manting WANG , Deputy Director of the Health Division Office of International Medical Service Department, during your stay in Tongji Hospital. Click here to learn more.

Before coming to Tongji you need to make an appointment by phone or email first to give us the chance to organize your stay as good as possible.

For general cooperation and exchange information, please contact
Tel:       00-86-27-8366 3268

It is not allowed to perform organ transplantation on non-Chinese citizens in Tongji hospital.

Hospital AddressTongji Hospital of Tongji Medical College,
Huazhong University of Science and Technology,
No.1095 Jie Fang Avenue, Hankou, Wuhan 430030, P.R. China.


 Street map to find Tongji Hospital

Map of Tongji to find VIP department (No. 9)