Name:Gang Xu

Dean of Division of Nephrology, Tongji Hospital;
Professor; Chief Physician; Doctoral Supervisor;
Chairman of Hubei Society of Blood Purification Administration;
Board Member of Hubei medical association of Renal Disease;
Committee Member of Chinese Society of Renal Physician;
Board Member of Chinese Society of Blood Purification Administration;
Chief Editor of Journal of Clinical Nephrology
Editorial Board Member of Chinese Journal of Nephrology;
Editorial Board Member of Chinese Journal of Blood Purification.

Educational Background

2003 Postdoctoral, Department of Biology, University of Iowa, USA
2006 Ph.D & M.D.,Tongji Medical University

Key Projects Involved

1.Project molecular mechanism and intervention study of TGF-beta1 inducing renal fibrosis was the general project supported by The National Natural Science Foundation of China. Number : 30370657. 2004-2006.(Project leader)
2.Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University NCET-04-0712 .2005-2008.(Project Leader)
3.The project mechanism study of relationship between Beta - Catenin tyrosine phosphorylation state and renal fibrosis was supported by Hubei Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China.2007-2009. (Project Leader)
4. Epidemiology investigation and intervention study of chronic kidney disease for Urumqi city residents was supported by the national technological department.2008-2010.(Project Leader)
5.The function and mechanism study of CIP4 splicing variant in transdifferentiation of renal tubular epithelial cell was the general Project supported by The National Natural Science Foundation of China.Number: 30871172.2009-2011.(Project Leader)
6.The function and intervention study of  Sema4C / Erbin heterodimer formation in the process of TGF-beta1 transdifferentiation of renal tubular epithelial cells was the general project supported by The National Natural Science Foundation of China.Number:30971372.2010-2012.(Project Leader)
7. Project of Chinese Ministry of Education Innovation Team was supported by the innovational program of the educational department.
8.The principal of Industry Speciality of The Chinese Ministry of Health prevention and treatment of major diseases.
9. Biomarkers for early diagnosis of peritoneal fibrosis was supported by Baxter Company.
10.Newly formed lymphatic vessels and tertiary lymphoid tissue -new targets to intervent renal fibrosis. Supported by The National Natural Science Foundation of China. Number :81270770.2013-2016.(Project leader)



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