Name:Guang-Ying Huang

Chief Physician;
Tutor of Doctor;
President of the Institute of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine;
Executive Director of China Medical Association;
vice-President of China Association of Integrative Medicine;
vice-President of China Association of Micro-Circulation;
vice-President of China Women Physicians Association;
Deputy Director of China Association of Integrative Medicine Professional Ggynecology Committee;
President of Hubei Branch of Integrative Medicine;
vice-President of Medical Association of Hubei Province;
Chief Editor of Research of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine;
Associate Editor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Medical Sciences)


As the student of two famous masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine who are Professor Liu Yunpeng (now 102 years old) and Professor Huang Yunqiao (Late), Professor Huang inherited their learning and valuable experience and skilled in infertility, polycystic ovary syndrome, perimenopausal syndrome, intrauterine growth restriction and other incurable diseases. Besides, Professor Huang conducts creative work in development of gynecology of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is the first time to integrate the treatment of Reinforcing Kidney, Replenishing Qi and Activating Blood in Traditional Chinese Medicine with assistant reproductive technologies in modern medicine, which increases the implantation rate and pregnancy rate. Professor Huang originally used the method of Activating Blood to treat fetal growth retardation and embryo implantation dysfunction, and broke taboos of Activating Blood of the Traditional Chinese Medicine in pregnancy relative diseases. For outstanding clinical efficacy, Professor Huang received high praise from patients.

In aspect of medical research, Professor Huang achieved remarkable success. She is engaged in the fields of “the effect of Reinforcing Kidney, Replenishing Qi and Activating Blood on pregnancy relative diseases (Fetal Growth Retardation, Embryo Implantation Dysfunction” and “the signal transduction pathway mechanism of the effect of acupuncture on ovarian stimulation and dysmenorrhea”. The relative projects were supported by the Natural Foundation Science of China, National Basic 863 Research and 973 Research Grants of the Ministry of Science and Technology with total funds up to 3 million yuan. Several awards were conferred for outstanding scientific research work including one award of GradeⅠPrize of Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine, one Award of GradeⅠHubei Science and Technology Progress, and one award of Grade Ⅲ Hubei Science and Technology Progress. More than 200 original articles have been published, including SCI 10 papers.

In view of her remarkable achievements in clinic and research, Professor Huang was granted as “the Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine” and “Advanced Traditional Chinese Medicine Worker” by Hubei Province government, and “Advanced Science and Technology Worker” by  China Association of Science and Technology in 2010.