In 1900, a hospital named Shanghai Tongji Hospital was officially founded by a German physician Erich Paulun in Shanghai with the original 20 hospital beds and 10 outpatients everyday approximately. The name, Tongji, indicating crossing the river on the same boat in Chinese pronounces the same as the German Deutach.
In 1907, Paulun set up a German medical institute called Shanghai German Medical School and it was renamed Shanghai Tongji German Medical School in 1908 which was the right predecessor of Tongji University. The length of the schooling was 8 years consisting of 3 years of German studying, 2 years of medical preparatory courses and 3 years of medical courses. Only the teachers of medical courses could join in the clinical working and the students were accessible to the courses studying and the internship in Tongji hospital.
In 1909, Dr. Paulun passed away and the hospital was renamed Paulun Hospital to commemorate Dr. Paulun’s contributions of founding the hospital and medical school. Dr. Oscarvon Schad succeeded Dr. Paulun as the Director and Manager of Tongji German Medical School as well as the President of Paulun Hospital.
In 1911, a western-style building was purchased by Paulun Hospital as the ward of the hospital and dormitory for the students of the medical course. In 1912, a German-style building was built for the teaching and experiment performance of the medical course. Up to 1927, five buildings surrounded by Building A, B, C, D and E respectively had been completed by Paulun Hospital.
In 1930, there were about 300 hospital beds and 138 doctors, nursing personnel and technicians in the hospital with nearly 300 outpatients everyday.
In 1936, Paulun Tongji and Medical School of Tongji University worked together to set up a nurse’s school in the form of work-study program.
In 1937, due to the War of Resistance against Japan, the teachers and students of medical course withdrew from Paulun Hospital to the west with the school and arrived in Jinhua, Zhejiang to resume the class in September. While German Professor Bird quit the occupation of Medical School President and returned to Shanghai to assume the office of the President of the Paulun Hospital and head of the Surgical Department. During the time moving to Ganzhou and Ji’an, Jiangxi, most of the German professors returned to Shanghai by way of Hongkong. At that time, Professor Bird and Director Otter of Shanghai German Pharmacology Institute set up the German Medical School in No. 82, Shimen Road 1 and arranged Paulun Hospital as the teaching hospital of German Medical School.
In July, 1938, all the teachers and students moved to Town Babu, County He, Guangxi and shifted to Kunming, Yunnan, during which they continuously set up Red Cross Temporary Hospital, the 13th Rescue Hospital of Red Cross China, the 5th Army Hospital for the Seriously Wounded, and the 1st Hospital for the Seriously Wounded of Red Cross China and so on to continue the hospital and schooling.
At the beginning of 1940, after arriving in Yinbin, Sichuan, the school was arranged in Girl’s Middle School of Street Nvxue in Yibin, while the inpatient department of the affiliated hospital was located in West Suburban Garden and the outpatient department in the Former Government of Street Nvxue in Yibin. During that time, 189 graduates were cultivated in the school.
In May, 1945, Germany was defeated in the war and Paulun Hospital was taken over by Japanese army who changed the hospital into Japanese Army Hospital in June. In August, Japan surrendered too but they took away all the equipment in the hospital.
After the War of Resistance against Japan in 1946, Paulun Hospital was taken over by Sino-America Cooperation Institute of Manpower Bureau of KMT and it was changed into Sino-America Hospital. In June, 1946, Tongji University moved back to Shanghai so Sino-America Hospital belonged to the Medical School of Tongji Hospital.
In January, 1947, the students of medical course expressed their support for the Beijing students in anti-violence against the American army and joined in the students’ movement of anti-hunger, anti-civil war and anti-oppression in May.
On Jan.29, 1948, the students in Tongji University launched the famous “Tongji 1.29” Student Movement to show their dissatisfaction with the oppression by the KMT reactionaries. The Tongji Hospital workers supported the movement by helping and saving the injured students.
In June, 1949, the Military Control Commission of Shanghai took charge of Tongji Hospital while taking over Tongji University.
In August, 1949, the hospital sent Dr. Shao Bingyang to conduct a three-month investigation in the epidemic area in Taicang, Nanxiang and Jiading where the liberation armies were located.
From Jan.3rd to April 3rd in 1950, the hospital had made a securing team consisting of 262 members to cure the liberation armies in Taicang.
In Feb. 1950, State Council has made the decision of moving Tongji Medical College to Wuhan and conveyed this decision to all the teachers and students in Tongji, therefore, on May 23rd, Tongji Medical College, that is Sino-America Hospital set up a delegation to Wuhan.
On February 3rd, 1951, a medical team of 113 members was sent to Changchun Army Medical College to help them with the medical and teaching work as well making the rules and regulations to improve their medical technology. On August 8th, the second medical team was sent by the hospital to Changchun.
In May 1951, the original name-Tongji Hospital was reverted to.
On September 20th, the Central People’s Ministry of Education approved the combination of Tongji Medical College and the Medical College of Wuhan University and shifted the name to Zhongnan Tongji Medical College, which was under the administration of Zhongnan Ministy of Health along with the affiliated Tongji Hospital.
The construction of new hospital began in May 1953 and ended in 1955. On May 15th, 1955, the opening ceremony was held in the hospital hall and the hospital was named as “the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhongnan Tongji Medical College”. While in August, it was changed to “the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wuhan Medical College” as Zhongnan Tongji Medical College was changed into “Wuhan Medical College”.
In 1958, the rescue operations of Cheng Debao and Wang Bangming in surgical and internal medicine departments raise the public attention across the province.
In 1964, the hospital took the lead in “Double Reduction and One Maintaining”, that is “relieving the patients’ pain, reduce the medical fee and maintain the medical quality” in the province, which earned the compliment from the Hubei Provincial Committee.
In 1978, while following the principal of the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee, the hospital started to recover the medical system and rules and conducted the reform in the management system and institution gradually.
In 1979, while abiding by the spirit of medicine management reform by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance and State Food and Drug Administration, the hospital took some reform measures on the medicine which was much more convenient to the patients.
In 1982, reforms in outpatient service such as Sunday Outpatient and Expert Outpatient service were conducted.
In 1984, the hospital conducted the appointment system of cadres and the system of fixed tenures.
In May, 1985, the hospital restored the name “Tongji Hospital” and changed it into “the Affiliated Tongji Hospital of Tongji Medical University” in July.
In 1989, following the spirit from the State Council, the hospital began to realize the system of the responsibility of technology and economy.
In 1991, the target of “Three-A Hospital” was set up and hospital was officially approved as a “Three-A Hospital” in 1993 after the appraisal of Hubei Provincial Hospital Appraisal Committee.
In November, 1996, the hospital was listed into one of the demonstration hospitals of National Top Ten Civilization Service Hospitals.
In May, 1997, the Ministry of Health conducted the selection of top 100 hospitals across the country and Tongji Hospital was elected National Top 100 Hospital in 1999.
In 1997, the hospital put into trial use of cost accounting management and implemented it in clinical departments and medical labs in 1998 and logistics departments in 1999.
In May, 2000, Huazhong University of Science and Technology was founded from the combination of Tongji Medical University, Huazhong Technological University and Wuhan Urban Construction College, therefore, the hospital changed its name into the Affiliated Tongji Hospital of Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.
In January, 2000, the overall responsibility of the department director was carried out after full preparation.
In May, 2001, the hospital convened the first financial and economic conference and put forward the goal of establishing standard management system as well as high-efficient and well-organized economic institution.
In 2004, the building of “Studying-Oriented Hospital” and “Responsibility of Everyone” were stated officially.
In 2005, “Hospital Management Year” was deeply carried out in the light of the arrangement by the Ministry of Health.
In 2008, the establishment of Medical Resources Saving Hospital and Human Environment Friendly Hospital was put forward.