Research Program
PLA2 receptor project
Membranous nephropathy (MN) is a common cause of nephrotic syndrome in adults. Except for idiopathic MN, MN can also develop secondary to systemic autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, drugs and tumors. More and more evidence showed that binding of a circulating antibody to an antigen which is present on podocytes is the main pathogenesis of idiopathic MN. In 2009, Beck et al found antibodies against native PLA2R in about 70% of idiopathic MN patients’ serum. And the measurement of anti-PLA2R can be used for differential diagnosis of MN, guide the treatment of idiopathic MN.

The goals of this clinical research are:
1.To set up an ELISA assay to detect anti-PLA2 receptor.
2.To report the prevalence of anti-PLA2R-positive MN patients in Chinese cohort.
3.To differential diagnose of idiopathic and secondary MN.
4.To guide the treatment decision of idiopathic MN.

Future goals:
To explore if anti-PLA2R detection can be used for routine clinical practice.